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Thursday, 07 April 2016


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File under: what WERE they thinking of?


I am pretty sure I just bought my grand-daughter a pair of denim rompers just like those, in ASDA, for about £4.50. She looks very smart in them, but then she is only 19 months old.

Fools and their money, eh?

I suspect, Cuffers, that they don't 'do' thinking!

Andrew, I don't want to see you in 'The Sun - We Love It!' caught wearing your grand-daughter's rompers, I mean, they're just not your colour!

$2490 for a pair of ragged denim trousers.

If you tried giving them to the Salvos you'd get the sex and travel advice.

Well hang it all! I thought I had today's wardrobe all laid out and someone has to put the pictures on line! Now what? Stay in my skivvies and bathrobe all day and blog away my upset?

Pardon the exclamation marks. Some days!

"sex and travel advice". You Aussies are so delicate!

Oh, come out of the closet, Whiters, and show us what the well-dressed man of NC is wearing these days!

David, you may have seen the ongoing saga here in NC about who or what is allowed to go into which bathroom to do what? It is unbelievable. The well dressed man in NC had better have alternative accessories with his wardrobe or else!

Yip, life sure is confusin' these days!

If you tried giving them to the Salvos you'd get the sex and travel advice.

Duffers the Salvos are far too polite to tell you to fuck off.

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