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Friday, 08 April 2016


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I have thought of the perfect solution to the EU problem which I have already imparted to my not so best friend John Redwood MP who consistently does not publish all my comments on his blogs. Something about being controversial and incendiary but me thinks because it is because he nicks what I have written and uses it in his next blog. Clever though it is hard to spot what he has nicked but I know it is there.

Anyway my solution. The EU and the common market should be parted. Let the EU get on with it's union thingy and let those stupid enough to join in get on with it. Set up another body along the long lines of the WTO to administer the common market. Simple. No doubt you are kicking yourself for not thinking of it first.

No, no, no, Antis, no halfway houses, we must kill it ALL, stamp on it, set it on fire and then put the fire out in the usual gentlemanly way!

And sow the ruins with salt!

Apropos 'The Noble Revolt,' am getting on well with it. Mind you, it is a period I know something about thanks to the late Dame Veronica Wedgewood's 'The King's Peace' and 'The King's War.' The characters in the drama are familiar to me. Not nearly as dry as it looks; some of the asides are quite sardonic!
It's been a revelation to me just how much political power the English nobles still had; I've taught the Whig/Marxist view of History, dominant since Macaulay and most recently torpedoed by the late Professor Butterfield. But I digress...

I have long thought that stupidity is infectious!

I was of the opinion that all true Englishmen thought David Cameron to be of stirling character, strong of principle and a champion of British independence and culture. Just like his predecessor Tony Blair.

Or am I mistaken?

As an aside I have just re-read George Shipway's excellent novel "The Chilian Club". Perhaps more of a "how to manual" than novel.

"set it on fire and then put the fire out in the usual gentlemanly way!" I can help, I can help!!

Oswald, I'm glad you approve. I am the opposite to you (yes, I know, what a relief!) in that my ignorance of the period is abysmal. What a delicious stew it is of religion, politics, personalities, jocks v. English v. Irish, the struggle between crown and parliament and the inexorable rise of the Commons. My only deep regret is that 'our Will' didn't live through that period, it would have produced at least six more plays!

Personally I think that Cameron has done nothing illegal here but I am cheered up by the fact that the fucker gets what he deserves by introducing tax after tax and minimising his own tax payments while pointing at others who do a perfectly legal thing as if they have just murdered someone. I find the whole thing karmic.

If I ask you five times would you please be a hypocrite and confess to having a nice little offshore fund?

Sigh, sort of yes and no. Unfortunately it was Windsor Grammar School, not Eton, for me. Those squeaky floorboards hammered down atop those stashes of motor trader's "offshore" readies couldn't quite stretch to 40 grand a year.

Never mind, the lunch break and after school hours fist fights on Eton bridge meant at some point I probably landed one on BoJo, Dim Dave, or Georgie-Boy's snooty hooter - or maybe all of them!

That's worth more than 5 years at 40 grand per annum in my book.


Oh God, SoD's in 'Czech-land' and obviously the slivovitz is doing the rounds!

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