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Saturday, 23 April 2016


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Good piece by John Redwood today.

I'm 'under orders', BOE, no need to spell out from whom, so I have only had time to skim-read Redwood's piece but I will study it later. In the meantime you might enjoy my belch in the post above!

One should never underestimate modern youth.

My youngest grand daughter [17] studied Romeo and Juliet last year [Year 11 in our system] and is now an ardent admirer of "the Bard". To the extent that she has now watched all the DVDs I have of his works. Her favourite is Henry V.

He wasn't, as far as we know, gay, female, Aboriginal, disabled or an oppressed Muslim, but this weekend, which marks the 400th anniversary of his death, it is worth celebrating the enduring gift to the world of a dead white male, William Shakespeare. He might, or might not, have written those plays, but that is almost beside the point. What matters is that they were written.

The start of an excellent short article in Quadrant on the Bard.


A little WS for when you are a tad grumpy.

Have fun

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