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Saturday, 21 May 2016


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self immolation?

Thanks for the link Duff.

I imagine your interest lies in the wrist alcohol sensor, JK?

Not until after the 8th of next month Andra, last November I "flunked" part of what my job-functions require. So it was Come back in six months and we'll re-test!

The first five months waiting isn't so bad - but the final thirty days before any re-testing - I add total abstention up to and including alcohol spirits to my list of "whats not to do."

(I have taken the precaution of hiring myself a driver for my little trip at one o'clock Wednesday June 8th - the testing place is not in a dry county!

For others than Andra & Whitewall who might find themselves confused:

"Prohibition, the effort to limit or ban the sale and consumption of alcohol, has been prevalent since Arkansas’s territorial period. The state has attempted to limit use of alcoholic beverages through legal efforts such as establishing “dry” counties, as well as through extra-legal measures such as destroying whiskey distilleries. Since achieving statehood in 1836, prohibition has consistently been a political and public health issue."

And a map for SoD's convenience:

Very character building, JK, or so I'm told.

Well, if they didn't have 'dry counties' how would Barney Magroo make a buck?



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