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Monday, 02 May 2016


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I had an uncle who served in what we referred to as the "Far East" in WW2. He didn't come home until early 1947. All he would say about his service was he was around China and Burma and learned to drink warm beer. Not a word else. Heroes like WC Gill may be gone forever.

Let's hope not, Whiters.

My father served in the CBI (China Burma India) theater in WWII and the only time he talked about it was when he was drunk. The only good thing he said was that he always loved to hear the bagpipes because they meant some real fighters were there. My mom says that for a long time after he came home, he tried to get under the bed during every thunderstorm. Everyone hears about the European campaign, but little is said about the Far East, and it was nasty.

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