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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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Those of us who will vote against Hillary will do so and then deny it. If this is what we have come to, I say bring back the monarchy.

Sorry, Whiters, we can't spare Her Maj at the moment but we could lend you Prince Charles and you could keep him for as long as you like!

Well, PC might be a step up at this moment.

How about sending them Prince Harry?

Harry will do. Send him on. Plenty of single women over here to pick from... or, he can bring his own if he is of a mind to.

Or, in all modesty, perhaps I might do? True, I'm not actually of royal blood but I'm a bloody good actor and I once played Edward IV in a production of 'Dick 3'.

Have you got a beard?

Of course you will do, Dear Duffers. As long as I get to be ambassador to the ROI. Although my tyrannical tendencies might be better suited for the UN. Once I abolish the UN, I will go to Ireland.
Prince Harry will do as well. He can marry my daughter and give me lovely grandchildren.

Ahem, dear Miss Red, if it's grandchildren you require, I am available, although, to be honest, I do require some notice these days!

Well, I can't abide the Hillary and yet I am bemused by the Donald.
I really would like the Trumpster to win, if only so I can sit back and laugh
at what happens thereafter.
Well, come to think of it, I may not be laughing if that appalling Bill Shorten wins the upcoming election in Australia.
What a bunch of morons we have trying to run the world nowadays.
I haven't got the time but, Duff, it may well come down to you and JK.
How do you both feel about that? The money's not great but apparently the perks of office are pretty good.

How about sending them Prince Harry?

With all due respect BoE if anyone is to get Prince Harry it is us Down Here not our American cousins. They can have Anne after all they have had one before [admittedly before the Rebellion].

Trump is the man. He is switched on. He will upset a few people. Good.

A great deal more power is concentrated into the hands of your Prime Minister than in out President. Even those of us who plan to vote for this lesser of evils are very worried that he does not seem to understand the manner and extent of the limits to his power, and that it was carefully planned to be that way. He can't be impeached for being a fool, only for high crimes and misdemeanors. Sad to say, being a fool is not against any law. In foreign affairs, in which most Americans take very little interest, he will probably not do worse than the current Idiot in Chief. That bozo actually said, in Japan, that he was worried that Trump was too ignorant about foreign affairs. President "Speaks Austrian" thought Trump was too ignorant. No, I seriously doubt that he'll do anything to affect y'all in any bad way.Here at home, I worry about the bull-in-a-china-shop. Keep in mind that we have some actual and true problems, mostly caused by too much governmental "help." Since Trump has spent his entire life after college at the government teat, disguised as an entrepreneur, I wonder whether he can understand how and why we need to wean a lot of the American economy before the rest of us get baby bottle caries, or some equivalent.

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