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Wednesday, 04 May 2016


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What if Hillbilly ends up in the clink?

Then it's Trump vs. Sanders.

A bit like Blighty without Dave and George - choice of Farage, the country bumpkin herder, or Jezza, red in tooth and claw.

Juncker the Drunker and the Kaiserin don't seem quite so bad now, do they?


Oh yes they do! The latest news is that the Germans are pushing for a European army controlled and led by - guess who? And remind me, SoD, who threw open the doors to zillions of, er, refugees? And who did a deal that will result in 75 million Turks being able to enter the EU without visas? "Oh brave new world"!

This blog explains it all and has been consistently right for the last year.

Trump is no fool because nobody gets to where he is by being one.

Why do you think Trump is so awful?

He'd not let 75 mill Turks in, he'd pal-up with Putin - also admired by the country Bumpkin fraternity and their glorious leader - and give the Hairies a joint bashing.

I'd have thought he was right up bumpkin strasse - or should I say highway?


Welcome to D&N, 'monoi', and I read the article which contained some subtleties but I'm nor sure how much weight I would give them given the 'Trumpish' bellowings of 'The Donald'.

Well, SoD, this particular "country bumpkin" is no lover of 'Vlad the Impaler'. Anyway, instead of wasting my time here you would do better to brush up your German!

Well, when the Republican party leaders ignored their middle class base, culminating with aiding and abetting in the destruction of the Tea Party, said base will have its revenge--Trump. The idea is to destroy the Republican party as it is currently led. It has been unfit for purpose for years. Many of us in the base have very long memories and we don't forgive. So it will be the detestable Trump against the Harridan...for now at least. Filthy vs dirty.

Germans? Wanting a European Army? Has Frau Angela gone further off the deep end? From what I read about the German Army, it too is not fit for purpose. Such an army will be controlled by Germany or Brussels. About all such a command structure would do is argue about how to be politically and militarily correct without ever hurting any aggressor's feelings. Britain needs to find the exit fast.

Something inside me, the naughty schoolboy, barging in the tuck queue, loosing off an egg-fart in RE, unreconstructed, 50 going on 15, I know it's wrong but I can't help it for some unknown reason, wants to see Trump get the job.

Maybe just to watch him smash the controls of the train set so good and proper, and stuff them up the collective arsehole of the Grauniad, BBC, left consensus, political correctness commissars, et al. Or maybe I just don't know why. But he's tapping into the Johnny Rotten in me - in fact, he even kinda reminds me of a middle aged Johnny Rotten.

Anyone else got the same guilty, unjustifiable (the above being woeful, but yet my best shot), sensations?


SoD, you might be tapping into the feel of things. Either way, keep your foul weather gear handy. Stuff will fly and land everywhere.

Whitewall, The choice is clear now Clinton or Trump. The USA needs change so go for Trump. Trump is a business man and knows invention and entrepreneurs are important for creating jobs and prosperity. He has done this but the other just takes from the taxpayer and contributes wind. You have nothing to lose. Leave the Clinton behind and look forward.

Jimmy, Trump is a business man, but not a good one. He has declared bankruptcy more times than I can count. And much of his money is just licensing his name. And the other part of his money he got from his father.

Like David, I never thought he would get the nomination. But now, alas, it seems he will. So ... Trump or Hillary. Hold your nose, everyone. There are no good choices here.

The good news is that I still possess a full set of I.P.E. (anti Nuke and Chemical warfare kit for any civvies among us.) The bad news is that it is not with me in Russia, but tucked away in my sister's attic.

Jimmy, get a grip! Trump is a know-nothing hooter and honker, the sort who would drive you from your local saloon bar. Unfortunately, Hillbilly is equally stupid and lazy and dishonest. Our American friends do not have a happy choice, we may have to start sending them food parcels soon!

Richard, is there any chance you could send me your sister's address, I may have a need for your bio-chem suit!

Not sure why Richard needs to dig out his NBC suit - Trump adores Mr Putin.

Also, Trump is the only pol with the right strategy for ME: "Let 'em fight each other and pick up the remnants" - his words, not mine for a change! Spot on, I mean, a real bull's eye. Only the Israelis speak these words, and in hushed tones.

Merkel has done well to get that deal sorted with Turkey to take the refugees. It may look one sided today, but when the entire non-fighting population of ME decamps, Erdogan might not be feeling so smarmy.


Reading Trump's approach to globalisation, I don't know what you're all complaining about?

There are three modus operandi for global economics: -

1. Protectionism
2. Free trade with no rules
3. Free trade with rules

1. Nobody wants 1., apart from the hard Left, and, would you believe it, AEP! : -

What a splitter he's become of late.

2. is roughly where we are today, namely, the West obeys the rules and the rest, mainly China, doesn't.

So what's wrong with trying to apply that good ol' Anglo-Saxon level playing field to the barbarians, and move the world to level 3.?

And as for home economics, I adore what he's saying about tax and wages i.e. dropping corporation tax and getting wages to rise - through enforcing immigration rules in his case. I'm in favour of a high living wage to replace the state services and let people go out and buy their big 8: -


Either way, the give and take on the employer is neutral: Higher wage bill, lower corporation tax.

And the unleashing of the social buying power of the working middle class into free markets of the "big 8", instead of state monopolies and clientalist corporates, will be fantastic. And only Trump can do this, because he's not in the pay of the state monopolies and corporates who have those industries stitched up today. Jimmy's instincts on this (above) are spot on.

I vote Trump.


You are working on the (huge!) misunderstanding that Trump believes, or has even thought about, the next burp to leave his large mouth. This is a man who does not engage his brain before allowing his mouth to race off into the distance. So stop being silly or you'll go to your room without any supper!

And finally, the Putin thing.

You remember that old joke: What goes "Green, red, green, red, green, red, red, red, red"? Answer: Kermit in a liquidizer.

Well float that up there for a moment.

Now, Trump never got where he is by not being able to use the darkest, dirtiest, tricks in the box of black art. So he's more than capable of this one: -

Befriends Vlad, hand on shoulder, palsy-walsy, lovey-dovey, leads him from Latakia into inner Syria and beyond in the fight against IS, while carefully making his excuses as to why there aren't so many Yankee boots on the ground: "Wouldn't want to spoil your show, Vlad old chap, you're doing such a good job you deserve all that kudos the Muppets and sundry country bumpkins give you, feel free to keep it - just stay out of Eastern Europe. And we'll stick to drones and air support only in your new 'zone of influence'".

Then one day a row betwixt the lovers. NBF termination - divorce proceedings. And clunk goes the door behind Vlad in the Levant. And click goes the switch ... which leads me to the new joke: -

What goes white, red, white, red, white, red, red, red, red? ...

No prizes.


SoD, Trump is a protectionist. Always has been. That's part of his appeal to his followers. And he says this even while his own clothing line is made in China.

Maybe, Dom.

Be interesting to see what he does with the tariff money he raises on imports if the Chinese don't respond by levelling the playing field.

In theory, the action of slapping on the tariffs is there due to Chinese workers not having high "'elf and safety" rules and regs, and poor environmental controls. The resultant higher price of Chinese goods and services should be what they would cost if the Chinese did do those things. So the American workers and industries get to compete on a level playing.

But the money raised is bunce. Really it should go to the Chinese workers and environmental protection to make the Chinese government do what it should be doing.

Imagine the invasive, beautifully insidious, projection of American power of that: America protecting the Chinese people's working rights and environment by raising a social tax on their exports and gifting it to them - thereby birding the Chinese government into the bargain!

I'm sure the US security hackers could break into the Chinese banks, get all their bank account details, and credit in to each working Chinese person their fair share of the lolly. Or, just ask them to register, who's not gonna register?!

Then maybe ask them how much they think they should be getting to cover their working rights and environment, and add it to the tariff! That might put a stop to all Chinese exports to America for a time while the Chinese people demand a quadrupling of their salaries to cover "'elf and safety and 'mentalism", which of course puts the price of their exports so high they don't sell anything.

But then ordinary Chinese people would get to work out that they need to balance their rights with being competitive, something they don't have any power to do in their current political situation. So the Donald would have brought "'elf and safety and 'mentalism" and social democracy to the Chinese people right under the noses of the Chinese commies - and there's nothing they could do about it! (And it's likely the UN, WTO, etc. etc. would wade in to support this action - especially if they were cut in on a little of it).

And the fiscal stimulus would raise the value of the Yaun, thereby destroying the Chinese government's downward manipulation of the currency. The extra spending power of a revalued Yaun and social buying power of the Chinese people would mean America sells more goods and services to China - a benefit to the American workforce.

All the while the tariff would level the playing field and give the America workforce the fair competition it deserves too, as said.

But will he do it? Yeah, right.

But that doesn't mean he's protectionist at heart, it's just the lolly would be too tempting.


Actually, it's an effing corker of an idea.

The US could raise a tariff on the "free riders" exports to America to top up the 2% the buggers should be spending on defence and stick it into the US armed forces.

And if the buggers just keep dropping their defence spending in response, the US just adds it to the tariff bill, until the US owns and operates the defence of those countries.

Does Trump's team want to hire me? I have heritage in this sort of thing as you know ...

SoD, descendant of Aplake, Knight of the Round Table and Adviser to King Arthur

SoD, I appreciate the effort you put into this scheme, but it is just a scheme, and the first law of economics is that schemes don't work. You can't trick the marketplace into creating wealth when you are wasting money. I think the basic mistake you are making is that you think exports are a benefit, and imports are a cost. The opposite is true. Tariffs are a cost. If China wants to ruin their environment by selling us goods for cheap, we should let them. The money we save is more than the money collected by your tariff scheme.

Should we do this for domestic industries too? Should we place a tariff on the goods produced by the company next door, and then "gift it back to them"? The best price for their products is the one set by the market.

Aside from all that, to return the discussion to Trump, he does not want to raise the tariff on just China. He also wants to raise the tariff on Mexico, especially if a US company wants to relocate there. He considers all trade "unfair" if the US imports more than it exports. He believes that every country that is paired with the US must have a balance of trade. First, he doesn't see that importing is a benefit, and second, he doesn't know that A can trade with B which then trades with C which then trades with A all over again. He's a loud mouthed idiot. We have to keep him out of government.

[This] is the times that try men's souls.

"The stakes are high in any presidential election, but for once, that old standby, “this is the most important election of our lifetime” may actually be true."

How ever it turns out - if it turns out (Nominal) Republicans provide the margin to put Hillary over the top - it's gonna be baaaad!

Dom, Can you back that up? If so, I concede that Trump is at heart protectionist / mercantilist or some combo of the two, and merely using the "fair competition" stance to disguise it.

I'm fluid in my views on this, really. I'd be interested to read something where he said "I want a balance of trade for its own sake" or "I'm protectionist for protectionism's sake, screw fair competition", or similar.

If he's such a loud mouthed idiot he would bound to have blurted it out somewhere without the cover of the "fair competition" mantra.


Right on JK.

Thanks JK, I note the text in the second article ref Trump and the $58bn deficit.

Plus working my way through ...

The pundits are all anti-Trump, so they pronounce him anti-free trade and pro-protectionism, pro-mercantilism. So need to keep the filters on.

Still fluid on this for the moment.

Here's a good refresher on how and why attacking trade deficits for trade deficits sake is wrong headed ...

... Particularly if you're the reserve currency for the world and the global security service!

And I want America to stay in that position, please, coz there ain't no-one else up to the job.

So if Trump wants to attack trade deficits for trade deficits sake and see America off it's pedestal as global financial and security leader, that's a disaster, imho.

If, however, Trump is heading towards an innovative approach to bringing a single market to the world, and adding that as another global leadership role for America, then that'd be a fine proposition, and I'd be interested in that.

I'd even be up for Brexit and joining Blighty to that institution - schlock horror!

And it's interesting that Trump is backing Brexit; I wonder if he's got something up his sleeve un that direction? ...


There's a fellow SoD (#1482 I believe) over on Diplomad's site put in a comment recently - paraphrasing/out-of-context-maybe (re: social media generally but I suspect Facescroll specifically)

"In the not so distant future every 18 year old kid will, in his politics future, come to rue his ever having posted his 18 years old sage advice."

Fortunately for Trump looks like, he's stuck to Twitter, 140 characters Trump recognized early on - I think - is timeless enough.

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