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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


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Women in power - a truly nasty episode to behold.

Fanatics, whatever their sex, are always and forever a menace.

True, Dear Duffers, but women seem to be viciously evil when given the reins. Argue with me all you want, it is my opinion and I won't budge!

Truly loathsome individual and yet call me a soppy liberal, but I find celebrating anybody's death in poor taste.

Oh, alright then, Cuffers, you're "a soppy old liberal"!

Dear Miss Red, I'll never argue with you - you're a woman!

"Teachers were ordered to report all incidences of deviation by pupils from the communist line"


"a policy under which the children of “enemies of the state” – dissidents - were...forcibly and permanently separated from their parents"

Sounds just like the SNP's "Named Person" policy!

As time goes on, we will all be stunned at how much the New Left will resemble the old Left in manner and tactic. As to this old witch...good riddance. In her honor, I went back and watched the video of Nicolae Ceaușescu's execution in 1989. I approved. The Castro boys can be next. Daniel Ortega? That scoundrel could dodge three or four bullets at one time. One day his luck will run out. Yes I hold a grudge.

You might say that, Andrew, I couldn't possibly comment - in case I get a haggis through the window!

Cling to that grudge, Whiters!

David, don't worry. Sometimes an article will "trigger" my reaction. There, I'm now up to speed with trendy folk!

Pity she wasn't strung up by her hind legs like some other commie glitterati.

Harsh, Timbo, but I know where you're coming from!

Do you want to see a woman in power? Here ya go.

Damn! The link doesn't work 'over here'!

Try this. It's hilarious.

Got it! And well worth the wait, Dom.

At least the old Trot has good aim.

Whitewall, not a lot of emphasis was put on what went on in East Germany. It was a vile regime and even the Soviets were probably proud of it. However you Yanks should get behind Trump and hold the line.

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