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Tuesday, 03 May 2016


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Let's hope Bill Gates isn't supplying the software!

No shit.

No, no, BOE, my new best friend Bill can be relied upon, it's 'crapple' you have to watch out for!

Thank you, JK, cryptic, or perhaps craptic, as always!

USS Obama, new unmanned warship sinks Chinese cruise liner. Sorry says Bill Gates!

If the USS Obama turned out to be as useless as the person it would be named after it would be lucky to get past the limits of territorial waters without a teleprompter.

Or they could name it the Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Now that would be a mouth full - or was that Bill Clinton?

Autonomous ships are one thing - don't get in their way!

But I am much more concerned, in a military sense, with smaller things than that, whether autonomous or not.

How, for instance, would any modern warship cope with an attack by thousands of drones simultaneously, some of which (but you won't know which ones, of course) will be carrying a few pounds of Semtex?

I hope someone has thought of this, but given that our people are usually planning how to win the last war, I don't have much confidence!

Those drones could be carrying far more dangerous items than Semtex - radio-active isotopes, virulent bio-chem samples and so on.

Given your impeccable records David, I figured this especially would be right-up-your-alley:

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