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Monday, 09 May 2016


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The greenies are merely a subset of radical Leftism. They have slowly gained power via the democratic process to regulate, control, subvert and devalue human life...especially Western capitalist human life and freedom. Awaiting the day when the democratic process comes back around to begin dealing with these Leftist groups will be too late. They and their allies will have won. The day has to come when they are taken by the throat and dealt with mercilessly and properly as if our Western way of life is at stake. Because it is.

Nothing more dangerous than a moron on a mission!

Comments about over-regulation and the ignorance displayed by "green" townies are unquestionably true.

But forest fires are a natural occurrence and have always happened; Giant Redwoods, for instance, actually require fire for their seeds to germinate, and the adult trees are well-protected against fire by their thick bark. Many other adaptations no doubt exist in those environments.

None of this happened by accident, or overnight.

Fires are nothing new.

Well, of course, forest fires are natural, so all the more reason to take sensible precautions in order to alleviate the worst effects, which appears to be the exact opposite of what the 'Greenies' demand!

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