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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


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Good timing from IDS. As Cameron ramps up the "fear factor" with a lot of old nonsense and speculation, we can expect the Brexiters to counter it with some recent memories. That's the difficulty with erstwhile allies who were once "insiders": it is very difficult to prove them wrong! Hopefully, Cameron has some tough times ahead.

Germany by the creation of the EU has been able to achieve in peace that which it tried to do by war but failed. Hegemony over Europe. Lebensraum has backed fired though it is not Germans that at spreading out to live but others taking over Germany in which to live. Long live the 1000 year Caliphate.

Sing to the tune of dads army

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron If You Think Remain Has Won

Frau Merkle gives us Junker and says the deal is done

Dave surrenders easily and says the Hun have won

So Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron If You Think Old England's Done?

Mr Smith goes off a cliff no job no food no car.

Dave just gives his mum a ring who e-mails Panama

Some Steelman in Port Talbot calls Dave a lying fuck

Dave then Don't Go To Panama he Runs To Carter Ruck

So who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron If You Think Remain Have Won

Dave calls us little Englander and we should no our place

We should give in to Brussels controlled by master race.

Its Tommy this and Tommy that but Tommy will not come

So Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Cameron If You Think Old England's Done?

Add more verses please and sing loudly

Historically it has been shown that the Sun's influence over some sectors of the electorate is not to be underestimated, although they are more likely to be natural outers anyway( as in "get yer tits out for the lads!").

So yes, I still think we'll lose this time round but now it seems the margin could be quite close; so much so that it is clear the issue won't now go away, and we'll be able to keep agitating until they kick us out, out of sheer exasperation!

"Downing Street has responded by saying the emergency brake was dropped because ‘it was not the most effective way forward’."

And it wasn't the most effective way forward because Merkel wasn't having it!

To think that, in Churchill's words "For four hundred years the foreign policy of England has been to oppose the strongest, most aggressive, most dominating Power on the Continent, and particularly to prevent the Low Countries falling into the hands of such a Power... I know of nothing which has occurred to alter or weaken the justice, wisdom, valour, and prudence upon which our ancestors acted. I know of nothing that has happened to human nature which in the slightest degree alters the validity of their conclusions" - yet seventy years on from 1945 a single power dominates Europe, and a British Prime Minister submits his policies to them, rather than Parliament, because they have the final say.

Peter, I think we'll have to put you up for a BAFTA although I suspect most of the luvvies will not be too impressed!

Good to hear from you again, Laban, and your point goes to the heart of the matter.

Don't be too sure.
1) The Currant Bun is usually a pretty accurate litmus test of the way people are thinking. Whether you like the red-top rag or not, what you have to admit is that it has always had its finger reliably on the pulse of the nation. Its modus operandi has always beenj to identify the way people are thinking and then to jump on the bandwagon - which is what it is doing now.
2) Lately, I am sure that it hasn't escaped your notice that the opinion polls have proved to be way, way out in their predictions. I noticed this in both the recent Euro and General elections. They may well yet prove to be way, way out again. Take particular note that what you hear from the Beeb and the broadsheets is NOT a reflection of the views that you get on the street. I am getting a completely different message from the alternative media on the internet than the one I have been getting from the mainstream media.

I hate making political predictions, because I am nearly always proved wrong. I will predict this though. There are going to be some major surprises. This fight is by no means a lost cause.

Fingers crossed, Richard!

Well, I see Dim Dave is still making friends in high places.
Just don't tell him any secrets.

What odds are the bookies giving on both sides? They are a pretty good litmus test of the eventual result.

According to Guido: Remain 1/3 Leave 9/4

And the Poll of Polls: 50/50

Stick this on your xenophobic pipe and smoke it: -

As I've been saying for years, blaming Johnny foreigner for Blighty's failing public sector is a wicked, xenophobic at best, racist at worst, lie.

The supermarkets haven't run out of food, in fact there's more and it's cheaper. Nor have we run out of clothes, TV's, or jobs, or anything else produced by the market sector; in fact the market sector has jumped at the chance to produce more, hire more, and earn more.

It's only the human filth who defend the "state ownership and operation of the means of production and distribution", as Arthur Scargill used to call it, in spite of the decades long spectacle of the failure of that dogma, including the routine extermination of the elderly and vulnerable in the NHS - after starving, dehydrating, and inflicting Jimmy Savile on them.

And the country bumpkin right have swallowed the lie - hook, line, and sinker. Can't wait to get their hands on the so called "family silver" - biggest sound-bite for the lie EVER.

IDS - the ultimate wooden-topped country bumpkin of them all - berates the young treasury officials, who, in defiance of all the laws of statist gravity are the only dam holding Blighty back from bankruptcy (apart from the EU), and thereby revealing he might as well team up with George Galloway (oops, I forgot, he already has): -

IDS: You couldn't run a fucking whelk stall. Nor you Bojo, Gove, Farage, et al. Those 27 year olds know it; and that's why they're going to KICK YOUR ARSES on June 23rd.


"Those 27 year olds know it; and that's why they're going to KICK YOUR ARSES on June 23rd."

That's assuming they can be bothered to drag their arses out of bed!

SoD - calm down dear!

What are you on? You're foaming at the mouth! Dribbling spittle.

Better go and lie down until june 24th when you can come back and tell us how fucking clever you are.

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