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Friday, 20 May 2016


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The orgasmic coverage of this "shock" decision by the MSM tells you all you need to know about news coverage in this country. The story is quite simple :

Muirfield is NOT a golf club

Its a dining & drinking club for Edinburgh based Shysters & Banksters with a golf course attached.

The Members there couldn't care less whether or not they host the Open - in fact most would prefer it didn't as the disruption to their most agreeable routine is considered unacceptable.

They certainly won't be told by those upstarts in St Andrews what they have to do, in fact, pressure exerted from that direction is counter productive.

End of your golf report !

Good for Muirfield. I would not wish to be a member either, but they have a right to run the club as they wish and that's important.

David, your experience with golf was about like mine. Years ago when I played a few times, my interpretation of the game was "creative". I could tee off at number one and hole out on number 3 after about 11 strokes. Hole number 2? I'll come back to it after while I figured. The last time I played--mid 1980s--an old codger asked me what my handy cap was. I unloaded the bag from my shoulder and replied, "pretty much every club in this bag". I dropped the bag of clubs on a bench and left the premises sans clubs and never picked one up again. I stick to fishing. Anything goes wrong there, I can blame the fish.

Good for the men of Muirfield.I wonder what the reaction would be if a man insisted on joining his local W I branch?

I didn't want to be a member of their silly old club anyway.

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