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Thursday, 19 May 2016


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Hillary goes to jail. Donald takes the oath of office and on day two resigns. Bernie signs on as economic adviser to whomever is left alive to run Venezuela. We in the US have passed "peak democracy".

Average people were always thought to be incapable of self government when America was born. Proof is at hand. I sense that throughout the western world, especially the English speaking part, that Left and Right have long ago concluded that common ground does not exist and no peaceful means exists to make it so. Therefore we get executive decrees, powerful victim groups with massive amounts of unseen money forcing their demands on the majority. On our side of the Atlantic, we have long been in need of a thorough shaking out. The end of the Cold War may have been the worst thing that could have happened. The winners took their eye off the ball while the losers dug in and took over all the institutions. Meantime, we democratic nations go through the motions of selecting who we want to misgovern us with ever more decrees, agencies and groups that feed on tax payer money. I think all this ends badly someday.

One thing I think David, all American voters have in what passes for its collective mind is US Government spending – debts and deficits if you will.

And which candidate would you think has had more to do with piling up those eye-watering gazillions? Certainly not Donald Trump. Bernie? Perhaps; but only in the haphazard, stumblebum socialist way.

Now it must be admitted HillBilly has scrimped wherever she could possibly, personally, effect any possible savings measures – diplomatic security costs attached to US Marine deployments in obscure places like Benghazi Libya spring immediately to mind. (Though it is increasingly looking as if likewise obscure Sirte Libya is gonna be the recipient of whatever skimping was “accomplished” at US State Department Benghazi.)

And I suppose Hillary could be credited for saving US taxpayers from a repeat of US Government ineptitude in the technological fiasco department by, rather than doing another Hillary-Care type Internet Fail – Hillary displaying the “Full (Clinton) Monte” set up her own personal Sidney Blumenthal CIA, complete to the last detail by hiring the Barney Magroo equivalent of a basement Internet Service Provider.

Still it must also be admitted, all this was presciently foreseen from way back in the 1920s when, H.L. Mencken penning from Baltimore published:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

Thanks, JK, gotta love that Mencken fella!

JK, that's "peak democracy". We've passed it.

Whitewall, I would like to be or not to be involved in a USA election. That is the Question in my mind. However the USA is the country that still at present guarantees democracy. We oldies do not forget the USA armed forces and never will... And the way Europe is going in its stupidity we will ask you to return. If you decline then I would understand.

The USA armed forces in WW2 were rather different to the armed forces that exist now.

There you go again assuming (or at least implying) that the existence of "professional" politicians is a good thing, and that such are the best sort of people to be in charge.

Do you not think, given the "achievements" of our triumphant political class over here, that your view might be, erm, too sanguine?

A great attraction of people like Trump is precisely that they are NOT of the political class. The late sainted Margaret (pbuh) was similar: although close to the political class, she was not really of it (which is why they hated her so much), and was able to appear, think, and act, almost like a normal person.

One of us, in other words, not one of them.

Anyone more firmly in the "one of them" class than the Clinton woman would be hard to imagine.

We need fewer professional politicians, not more; indeed, none at all would be good.

"Do you not think, given the "achievements" of our triumphant political class over here, that your view might be, erm, too sanguine?"

Relax David, the Chief Archivist comes to your rescue!

Good morning Jimmy. Our elections over here are tiresome affairs. Few people trust or believe anything pols or government say or do and that's getting worse, or better, which ever way you look at it. Democracy can become a frightening thing and has always needed restraints upon it. One of our political parties has become the protector of government--protected from the people. The other party was supposed to protect the people from government. It has failed. As for Europe...what a clusterflop. There is nothing any American military action can do. The war for Europe is already well along and only recently have elements among its populations begun to realize it. There are two very old enemies of Europe: radical Leftism and Islam and Brussels has its finger on the scale.

John are right on there. The military of WW2 was allowed to fight to win and its leaders were as well. Today, we dare not fight too hard or too well lest we win when, if we do, we have to apologize for it for some goddam reason. For this American right now, my enemies are not from the outside. They are within. Unfinished business.

Thanks JK, that was a great link to re-read! Our host has form!

Maybe, years after Call-me-Dave has bamboozled the British public into voting to stay in the loathsome EU (because it looks like that is what is going to happen), and some entirely predictable disaster has then overtaken the whole shooting match, Dave himself will find himself as loathed as Blair is now? Who knows? I guess it depends on how bad things get when the EU finally disintegrates.

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