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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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Let's see, how did it go... "dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe,". Ground zero Brussels?

And of course, to help us remember our number, we'll have a little plastic card to help us. And so that we don't forget how we look it will have a photograph on it. And our fingerprints and dna carefully encoded and machine readable.

David, when a beast expands without democratic control then it will continue to expand. We must get oot.

And, BOE, we will have the ineffable joy when we travel through Germany of having some Gauleiter in uniform demanding, "Papiere, bitte!" Brings it all back, doesn't it?

Well, this reminds me why I don't give y'all advice about local matters. It is not only gauche, but also stupid, simply because I don't know enough to see just how you might go about resisting. I can only, as your good friend, cheer you on, and pray and hope that you find a few Italians to teach you how to gum up the works. We in the Anglosphere tend to be sweetly reasonable, which enables the aspiring tyrants to nibble away at our freedoms, with quiet acceptance of each perfectly reasonable bite.

For an interesting take on a post EU situation for the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand see the article at or Google Quadrant On Line.

Well they've been planning this quite openly since about 1954, and perhaps less openly before that, so we can hardly say we have not been warned.

And after this referendum, they will even be able to claim that we voted for it!

It will be the last vote we ever have that will actually make a difference to anything, and it looks as if we're going to throw it away.

I weep for my country.

Duffers - you might invite your errant offspring to read (if he can tear himself away from his video games or hagiographies of J C Junker) the very good article by Allister Heath in todays Torygraph on line, which really makes the case very succinctly and persuasively.

Still I don't hold out much hope for him, he obviously believes everything he reads on the Treasury website (also known as Her Majesty's Fools and Horses).

Personally, I blame the parents...

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