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Friday, 27 May 2016


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Those are far away, Dougal.

Now look here, Jannie, it's me that does the incomprehensible around here!

"Near at hand is far away in images of elsewhere." (h/t the late lamented Michael Wharton.)
(That's enough philosophy. Ed.)

The big question here (posed by my wife), is - shall we go to the pub for lunch?

Deep thoughts indeed, but still vote "leave", OK?

Given your profound admiration of Old Bill Spokeshave I trust you refrained from confounding your Probus companions with a "To Bee or Not To Bee" quote.

BoE your big question has only one logical answer, "Bloody Oath Mate".

Ah, Michael Wharton, now there was a truly funny man! Thanks for the memory, Oswald.

BOE, I think you need a lesson in semantics, those words when posed by a wife do not amount to a question, more like an instruction!

Thanks for the reminder, 'W'!

AussieD, you have just won the first prize for the worst joke ever seen on D&N - and that includes my Monday morning (non)funnies!

"shall we go to the pub for lunch?" Meaning "what time are we leaving"?

There speaks a man with a 'Long Service & Good Conduct Medal'!

Actually I have one of those. Usually awarded for many years of undetected crime.

You're making my head hurt and it's far too early in the morning for wine.

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