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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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It is not real.. I do not believe it.

Honestly, Miss Red, would The Daily Mail lie to you?!

That's some hair alright.
But, as I recall, JK's dangles were very, very impressive and certainly, his ahem, sexual prowess, far outweighs young Freddy's. However, as you say,
Fred has youth on his side.
I wouldn't be surprised if JK is slowing down a bit by now especially since they moved the still closer to JK's cave.

In his favor, JK doesn't charge a stud fee though.

You'll be interested Andra, perhaps MissRed, they've gone and barred me from Benton County.

At first the authorities were gonna actually charge me with, indecent exposure, but then, upon my demand for a jury trial the owners of Pinnacle Farms realized the publicity would only further increase the poor horse's envy and embarrassment.

And actually Andra, on three occasions back when I was a younger lad, I did get remunerated for making it possible for three ladies to enjoy motherhood. The sad part of that though, was I had to visit doctor's offices. (I was informed that "in the physician's opinions the ladies [not being native Arkies] were too frail to handle the natural course!)

JK, tell 'em about this tune...

What's equine for 'himbo' or 'bimboy'?


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