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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


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Of course if you were all good Englishmen and Women, and went every Sunday to your parish church where you would hear, without fail, the wonderful language of the 1662 Prayer Book, you would be halfway to understanding Shakespeare's language already.

Alas and alack, those days are almost gone.

So much we have lost, and so few of us even know what we once had.

Forgive me, Lord, for verily I have sinned, or something like that! But you are quite right, Andrew.

"... I guess, like most 'luvvies' of any age ..." I read recently that Tom Conti believes that Luvvie is as bad as Yid or the n-word.

Oh God, not just a PC 'luvvie' but a sensitive one, too, aaah bless!

Shurely the plural of enigma is enigmae.

Nah! That's one of those underwater bugs with 16 legs!

Only because I'm feeling generous today ol' JK will ensure y'alls speaking c'rectly when the plural for enigma is an absolute necessity ...


It's all Greek to me!

JK, ain't it frustrating to constantly have to teach proper English speakin' to people who outta' know how?


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