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Sunday, 01 May 2016


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JC has a problem as he basically agrees with the likes of Ken and of course like all lefties of his ilk he has a problem with competence I doubt he could organise a piss up in a brewery. He appears totally confused most of the time and him having to flip flop all over the place to keep his backers on side and at the same time accommodate the more popular left of centre opinions has him looking like a grimacing contortionist. His pea brain must be spinning with the effort of it all. One day that pea brain may enter no 10 then god help us.

Another lame brain Obama had a good joke about heads of state not taking him seriously now he is leaving office. He said "prince George even met him in his dressing gown so that was a slap in his face". Pity other government heads did take him seriously during his term in office had they not perhaps the damage he has done would not now not be so bad.

As for leaving the EU that has to be a no brainer. There is not one reason why we should not or one reason why we should remain in. But then we have established that the left if they put all their brains together could not make a whole one. So most of them are for remain. Us on the right would struggle but would just about manage it. So most of us are for leave. Common sense, logical and rational out side the box thinking appears to me to be in short supply.

Off subject a bit. I have just given up smoking and gone onto e cigs so I thought I would Google what effect it would have. I quickly found that every bit of research contradicted one another. For example NHS good some university in the USA bad. If scientist cannot agree on something as simple as that how can we trust them on any advice on anything they even state one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. So what they say on climate change something that may happen decades even centuries in the future can certainly be totally discounted.

You are welcome Duffers.

Good luck with the non-smoking, Antis, should you waiver, just think of the money you're saving!

Antis good luck with the smoking stoppage. I grew up in tobacco country and everybody used to smoke. TV and newspaper ads often depicted the habit as healthy and even "cool" and suave. Actually, it just smells which I learned when I quit about 40 years ago. Careful with the usual weight gain too.

Pay our debt? Whaddayamean "pay"? That is oh so un 21st century. Where do these writers and bloggers come up with such quaint notions? The debt will just vanish, won't it?

The Aussies seem to have a grasp of things alright. Must be a fine place to live. Here's one I'll bet is on that long list:

Before they are married, what's hers is hers and his is his. After they marry, what's hers is hers and what's his is hers.

Whitewall this country is as close to "as good as it gets" as is possible.

We are an island [also the smallest continent] so no land borders to be easily breached, a single nation with an abundance of natural resources to keep us ahead of the game [provided our politicians don't screw up]. Just consider - a Head of State [GOD bless Her] who denies f--kwit politicians the power they would crave, a Parliamentary democracy inherited from our British ancestors, a healthy disdain of the self important, a firm commitment to our friends and a readiness to eventually punch the tripe out of anyone who would try and alter us.

At the top of the country [the Duchess Andra's neck of the woods] is a tropical paradise and at my end a temperate climate haven if you want something cooler.

And just to add interest we have a collection of the world's most deadly critters that just love tourists to eat, bite or sting depending on the critter.

What's not to like?

The above is a totally unbiased opinion.

Oh we also have the world's best cricket and rugby teams.

AussieD, I like what you describe. I've heard about good fishing there in places. You are justifiably proud. I would have to learn the cricket but the rugby I think I get. Andra does speak highly of her neck of the woods and looking at a map I think I see why.

Ahem, AussieD, who actually holds that tiny pot of ashes at the moment? Jest askin'!

Just on loan Duffers. We don't want you lot to get too downhearted.

Awfully decent of you, I'm sure!

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