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Sunday, 15 May 2016


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"let's hear it for that gallant little Ukrainian gal"

The girlies watched it in the next room so I almost heard the whole dreary thing. It doesn't get any better, just more political; the "winner" was 'kinawful.

As bad as that? How wise of you, Jannie, to retreat before the storm!

I would think that the "best boobs" contest should be in two divisions: natural and "enhanced". Either way, I'm up for judging if you want a fair minded observer.

Your sense of duty, 'Whiters', is inspiring!

Well Gaffer, now you know what your glorious leader really thinks of you! : -

Your business, and therefore you, are lumped into the same insult he's happy to use on his most despised enemy: "Conman and second-hand car salesman".

How does it feel to be categorized as a "conman" by the political leader you've put your faith into? Maybe like those daft socialists who put their life's efforts into the cause, only to find themselves as despised as the capitalist enemy by their glorious leaders, and breaking rocks in the Gulag.

The right despises small and medium businesses, and the idea of a competitive market, as much as the left. They go straight for the monopoly, the licence, the stitch-up, the system that gifts on the basis of patronage: How far you can poke your tongue into the sphincter of your patron? - decides how well you do.

And we pay for that system, and when it's shrill, and resolute, it hurts; as Abe famously said: "Too many piglets and not enough tits".

The only thing that keeps Farage, and Blighty's coterie of cunts like him, off our tits is their all embracing struggle with the other coterie in Brussels.

Long may they wrestle in their own mud and shit, and leave me alone. And that means Blighty must stay in the EU.


Yet again, SoD, I'm confused! Who are you telling me is 'the glorious leader' in whom I am supposedly putting my faith? Are you talking about Farage or Cameron? I have never expressed even the faintest appreciation of Cameron, and prior to the election I warned my three readers and their dog not, under any circs, to vote for Farage. The only thing I admire Farage for is his relentless push to get us out of the "Fourth Reich" (as Heffer puts it). After all, it is thanks to Farage that cowardly Dave lost his bottle and agreed to a referendum. And it's the EU hierarchy and Big Business that detests small businesses, so why, as a small business owner yourself, are you in favour of giving them even more power?

I'm not in favour of giving them more power!

Both the EU and HMG are unable to deploy their power because they are at permanent loggerheads. That's a terrific position for the individual - me-me-me - to be in.

Like matter meeting anti-matter, their powers end up cancelling each other out - leaving nothing. That's a huge result for me-me-me.


"Both the EU and HMG are unable to deploy their power because they are at permanent loggerheads"

So why, pray, did Dave go off on his round of 'negotiations' demanding, well, not very much but all the same promising to stick a British control on immigration, and then, hours before he made his 'triumphant' speech, drop the immigration bit because "the Germans weren't happy"?

Here's another mind numbing, spirit crushing evidence of the statists at work: -

"That is despite the European Commission already making clear that food is one of its red lines when it comes to TTIP talks. Governments will also be able to declare their public services – like the NHS – off limits from equal access procurement rules if they desire.

The US has similar red lines, most prominently over equal footing for European firms on state-level procurement deals. Many US states have “buy American” policies, and would put up a fight at the idea of TTIP overruling these."

The statist piglets are so frit of the market knocking them off suckling on our tits. Losing all their fake jobs granting licences, inspecting import / export paperwork, currying favour with domestic monopolies to gain funding and votes; clientalism, patronage, tyranny.

What a dark age is before us, where the only choice for self-preservation is to hope the monsters fight each other.


Seems to be a great deal of "wobbling" going on over there. Must be the rotation on the planet.

David, the jannie was right. This Ukranian song was probably the most political song since puppet on a string! It was a stich up and a bonus for Vlad the Great.

Whitewall, good intervention hopefully reminding Eastern Europe the planet is almost round in case they think they will fall over the brink.

"So why, pray, did Dave go off on his round of 'negotiations' demanding, well, not very much but all the same promising to stick a British control on immigration, and then, hours before he made his 'triumphant' speech, drop the immigration bit because 'the Germans weren't happy'?"

Because Dave: -

1. Is fundamentally not opposed to EU immigration; like so many of us he believes in freedom of movement. He also knows, like so many of us, that a working 18 year old is an expensive commodity, oooh, probably £200k of sunk cost in food, clothing, shelter, health, education, energy, information, and transport to get them to that age. Getting them for free, in other words banking £200k from each migrant as a non-refundable donation, whilst simultaneously trying to claim they are a "drain on our public services" and denying them in work benefits, is just too ludicrous to defend. "And how do you fancy your 2 million clapped out old country bumpkin wrinklies back in exchange then, currently clocking up a tidy sum on the Spanish, French, and Italian health services?", quipped the Kaiserine. "Yes, I know", sighed Dave, "Alright, I'll swallow the political pill on that one, and take the flack from my own country bumpkin brigade".

2. Knows that not being in Schengen means more non-EU migrants are kept out of Blighty than would be the case if our hopeless home-grown authorities were in charge of the border.

3. Knew that Merkel would have to take care of the Syrian immigration crisis by reversing her open door stance - which she duly did by substituting Turks for Syrians (maybe she told him her plan). Turks are not a terrorist problem as Germany knows - having had however many millions of them already. Her swap effectively laundered the terrorists from the ME immigrants. And gave Erdogan a job to keep him busy for the next, oooh, century or so, namely: Scuffing up the Hairies using techniques the EU wouldn't allow, but he will. Erdogan might think he got a good deal for £4bill, but we'll see how he feels about it in 99 years time. Nice move - albeit responsive to an original political misjudgement.


Just did a bit of off-the-cuff maths on the 18 year olds and wrinklies: -

*18 year olds*

- Cost of the "Big 8" (food, clothing, shelter, health, education, energy, information, transport) getting 1x person from 0 to 18 years old: £200k

- Number of immigrants to the UK from Europe in the last 15 years, say 2 million.

- Total down-payment by said immigrants, in other words, the cost to Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Rumainian, Bulgarian, etc. taxpayers sunk into their migrants and delivered free of charge to Blighty: £200k x 2,000,000 = £400 billion

- The greatest human cheek in the history of all human cheek ever pronounced by a cheeky human: Yeah, "they're a drain on the public sector" and "they don't deserve in-work benefits".


- Wrinkly-bottom-wiping-and-burial costs. I haven't got a fucking clue. But let's weigh in light, and charge the cost of the NHS, currently @ £2,000 per annum per person (remember wrinklies cost a lot more than that, £2k per annum is the cost on average over a lifetime).

- Life expectancy after retirement. Say 65-80, 15 years.

- Wrinklies abroad in Spain, France, and Italy. Say 2,000,000.

- Total cost of wrinklies saved by migration to the EU: £2,000 x 15 x 2,000,000 = £60,000,000,000

*Grand total*

Cost to the British taxpayer of reversing EU immigration and migration over the last 15 years: -

£460,000,000,000 - aka £460bill

Czech. Mate.


If anybody understood all that verbiage feel free to explain it to me, er, but not until Tuesday morning when I will be back 'on air'!

Regarding Euroschmaltz - it is the age of the shriekers.
I'd rather listen to throat singing!

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