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Sunday, 08 May 2016


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will eventually come back older and wiser

If you pick up a gun and go and fight in some foreign religious war, particularly if the forces of your own country are involved, then there should be no return to where ever you came from.

No ifs, no buts, just goodbye Sunshine and give my regards to the virgins.

Mr Khan is supposedly one of those "cuddly" moderate Muslims. We are asked to believe that he both believes and doesn't believe in the holy instructions given to him by the Koran. We are also asked to believe that he is a socialist who doesn't really believe in socialism. I wonder what he really believes?

As to the muslims who go to fight in Syria, they are there to commit murder. If they come back, they should be treated accordingly. Or are you saying that murdering foreigners is OK?

I agree, AussieD, that if a citizen goes off to fight against the forces of their own country they deserve severe punishment. However, 18-year old young men going off to fight in another country against this, that or the other *internal* groups within that country is none of my business!

"I wonder what he really believes?" BOE, you could ask that question of just about any politician in this country! As to your second point, I assume that we were exceedingly lax in not hanging those British subjects, like George Orwell, who went off to fight in the Spanish civil war!

A lot is known about Mr Khan and there are assumptions to be made that can be pretty accurate. For one he describes moderate Muslims as uncle Toms. Nice chap. He shares platforms with hard line Muslims who are homophobic misogynist anti-semetics. He is for everything that the left say they are not but in truth are.

Left wing he probable is by inclination but will be anything you want if it is to secure your vote. No doubt he will be a bad mayor as he will impose left wing policies and practices on London. When he declarers a caliphate changes over to Sharia law is anybody's guess. Probably not in first term in office but you never know the rate that Islam is taking over our culture it could happen any time.

"the rate that Islam is taking over our culture it could happen any time".

In reading a wide range of sources from the UK I sense there is a growing anger in the "ordinary" Anglo/Celtic citizens of the UK that may eventually see the words in Kipling's "The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon" prove to be prophetic.

You can only push a people so far before they react and the further and harder you push them the more violent the reaction. Not a pretty thought but history is full of examples of such occurrences.

You may be right, Antis, but his wife appears to be thoroughly 'westernised' and Khan himself is described by Nick Cohen as "a centre-left social democrat". He held ministerial office under Gordon Brown but refused to take his ministerial salary. 'The Speccie' voted him 'Newcomer of the Year' in their parliamentary round-up. Of course, he's a soppy socialist but, on the face of it, a very decent one.

Sorry, AussieD, we crossed over. Yes, too much immigration will cause tensions, so all the more reason to support people like Sadiq Khan who have been Anglicised, so to speak, and who will provide a useful example to his fellow Muslims. And yes, some of them will never learn but we must just deal with them as and when they erupt.

Duffers you are not paying attention. If the company he keeps and the things he says makes him a moderate Muslim then ISIS are a bunch of angels. He reminds me of lefties who wish to create their lefty Utopia through social democracy the means may be different but the aims are the same as and old Trot. My perception is he would like to create a socialist Islamic state. That is where we are headed with or without his participation and as far as I can see the progressives and Islamists have got that pretty much sewn up.

Read his Wiki entry, Antis, and do calm down!

If too much immigration causes tensions, then the solution is obvious!

I look forward, BOE, to your definition of "too much immigration"!

AussieD, "The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon" had better hurry up. When a culture is being eaten away of its muscle and tendon from the inside, time is short.

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is only Islam. When a religion and the people who hold it are in crisis, they can resort to the original writings of that religion for comfort and guidance. For Christians that would be the Gospels of the New Testament. For Muslims, the Koran and all its descriptive violence which hasn't changed.

David, according to that photo of Ms. Hopkins, she has not only located the sausage necessary for the job but has successfully installed it where promised. I wonder if the police will clear a path for her as I don't think she will run that far? I'm betting about three shops distance. Film at eleven.

Check the spam box David!

"Check his Wiki entry Antis, and calm down!"

Yep. Wikipedia is always ...

"I look forward, BOE, to your definition of "too much immigration"!"

I start from the position that we are full up. Ideally we would export some of the recent arrivals. Being English (well - Anglo-Irish), I am too tolerant and nice to start deporting people willy-nilly. However, there would seem some scope to start doing that. I noticed that Mrs May just failed to deport 6 Algerians. I would fix the laws so that she could do that. Once we have got a system established, we could operate one out/one in. With the Algerians gone, we could admit half a dozen brain surgeons.

Just pay attention to the link's first sentence:

"Paul Ryan says he wants to support Donald Trump but will need assurances that the standard bearer for the Republican Party will uphold its principles."


Now, who said, "Madame Speaker, I break my principles in order to keep my principles" (at 2:14)? And who may've inadvertently given a truthful statement which was immediately "evolved" (at 3:01)?

For what it's worth I totally support Duffer's position on this issue. The problem with Khan is not that he's a muslim it's that he's a socialist, but that is relatively normal for big cities.

More to the point, wtf was Cameron thinking to put up that hopeless f@cker, Goldsmith.

Can't be JKs trailer hitch and no wheels left showing under the house. Also, horror of horrors, no cars in the yard perched on blocks. I think I know NCs home and it ain't mine.

Nope Whitewall, not mine (but very nearby, matter of fact its my former State Representative's).

Mine was built strictly according to the codes as formulated and required by the ATF. For instance, every single receptacle (electrical power outlets) and every single lighting fixture was specced to be "explosion proof."

My "first means of disconnect" (from the electrical grid) is precisely fifteen feet from a fire-hydrant and there's a rotating strobe in place of the usual "Arkie-hood" weather vane.

The firetrucks that serve my Arkiehood are foam-sprayers only.

Does any of this matter?
You are all becoming foreigners in your own country.
If Churchill had been so 'tolerant' you would now all be speaking German.

Interesting point. We have a short holiday in Germany most years. The biggest change I notice is the use of English. They all speak it well enough to get by. Shops have names in English. Many lorries have English on their sides, including company names. I wonder what effect this will have.

Blimey, Whiters, I just checked out the NC house. I'm surprised you haven't put in a bid. Just think, you could go fishin' every day without getting out of bed!

David, don't I know it!

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