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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


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I like the description of where Roth Bar and Grill is located. "Very old stone walled buildings" is right in my comfort zone. Photos were interesting too. Must be something about the entirety of western England and how people look. I once knew a local shop owner about 15 years ago. I tried to guess from just where in England he hailed from but Shropshire was never on my radar. Every time he mentioned Shropshire, his eyes took on an almost wild look as if ancestry was about to burst forth. He was a very complex man.

Oh, did you make it to the "King John" performance the other day?

Shifty lot of buggers, West Country people. But then, I'm a proud 'woolly-back.'

Whiters - I'm a Shropshire man and damn' proud! Finest county in England and relatively unknown.

Cuffleyburgers, I knew there was something appealing in your writing! You sound like my friend (Trevor) spoke. I have learned that Shropshire was the home of the late Ellis Peters, one of my favorite writers of the history of that region. Well done sir!

"It also had some of the prettiest young waitresses I have ever seen which is rare in 'Zummerzet' "

That's coz they're all from Eastern Europe - if you get your wicked way on June 23rd you can kiss goodbye to them and get back to the hairy munters, with a "yeah, whatever" and "do I 'ave to?" when you try to place your food order (if you're lucky enough to get one who can write)! ...


SoD, I'm not saying you're wrong in principle but these were damned attractive English gals which made the visit even more eccentric but pleasurable. Next time you're down we'll go there for lunch.

Whiters and Cuffers, I am second to neither of you in my admiration for Shropshire, in fact I am booked for a four night visit in June. Get the bunting out, Cuffers, but do tell the locals that the cheering must end by my bedtime at 9.00!

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