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Thursday, 05 May 2016


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"because there are some good people in the Labour party"

Name one.

Frank Field? Gisel Stuart? Come on, Antis, they're not all totally bad!

Kate Hoey? She's a good egg, and though Dennis Skinner's political views are barking, at least he's not bent.

"Show no mercy" - how's that going for you today?!

An out-and-out Marxist lead and anti-Semitic infested party hardly blinked in the mid-term local elections, against all your best wishes to the contrary.

When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee: Britain alone is intrinsically an extreme leftist country, because all these groups ascribe to radical left doctrine - and they make up the majority: -

Public sector
Corporate workforce (feeding off HMG contracts)

And the rest of the country is made up of country bumpkins who, when quizzed, believe in large state ideology too, the only difference is they think they'd be better at it than the above list of bossy boots.

The only institution on our radar that restrains the state and the state's patrons and clients and promotes markets with fair competition is the EU.

Get over it.


Antisthenes. I am Labour and a very nice person according to my wife.

SoD - no it's not. Compared to our friends in the eu who you want to rule over us, the uk is basically a centre right country by instinct.

And furthermore one with a common law system not a civil law system which is probably the biggest single reason why your desired surrender to brussels is such a disaster for us.

Get a grip man.

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