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Monday, 23 May 2016


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The only questions are when we leave the EU and how much pain has to be endured first.
Greece clearly has debts it can't pay. Likely it will emerge that others do too- Italy is the current favourite. Either the Germans come up with a shed load of money to keep them in bondage à la Greque or the banks run out of money.
And what happens if the Greeks give up on demonstrations and invest in AK47s?
Will Germany's recent additions be producing Mercedes in a couple of years, or will they be an expensive drag on the German economy?
Will EU manufacturing thrive, survive or die under the EU's expensive power policy?
Will the EU ever again grow with the increasing regulation coming from Brussels?
Will the East Europeans tolerate being told to accept Muslim Immigrants?
Any of these problems has the potential to break up the EU.
So if ( God forbid) Britain votes to remain there is every chance that a decade hence there will be no EU left.
Perhaps Britain will one day be the sole surviving member given the stupid stubbornness of our politicians and civil servants.

Within a decade Pat the EU will resemble Venezuela. The current social unrest there will look like small beer compared to the unrest in the EU they do not have an Islamic problem to contend with just and economic one. The EU has a democratic deficit a construct that is similar to China (a form of capitalism within a rigid political system) and a demographic mix that is potentially incendiary. Coupled with a monetary system that enriches few and impoverishes many. That scenario can only signal one thing and that is that eventually one day it will completely and utterly fail.

Indeed the EU collapse could be as bad or worse than Venezuela. Very painful but it would end the EU.
That is why we should get out now, thus encouraging others to do so, and minimise the pain.

Headline should therefore read
Vote Brexit or You Will Die

I stole this in the most brazen fashion from Instapundit this morning. It talks about the recent Austrian election and how Leftism barely escaped with it Green wrapped Red ass--
"ON FACEBOOK, Brendan O’Neill has this to say about Austria’s election: “Extraordinary: 72% of working-class voters in Austria voted for Hofer, the far-right candidate, and only 5% of them voted for Van der Bellen, the green. This is the real story of the Austrian election: the left in Europe, and the European Union, now have no connection whatsoever with working-class people. The left is celebrating Hofer’s defeat, seemingly unaware that the more profound defeat is theirs. The rupture between the left and the working class in Europe is now complete.”

"As in the United States, the Left is the party of the apparatchiks, not the workers."

Whitewall, some on the left are those who do not produce anything but wind and con the vulnerable into thinking that you do not have to work for a living. The rich will provide everthing according to them. What they do not explain is what happens next when the rich have been bled dry.

Jimmy it does seem that events are moving quicker in Europe and eyes are opening. As I have said before, the enemy of Europe is first and foremost Leftism. Islam feeds on leftism and follows its playbook. We in North America have the exact same problem.


Your title may be prophetic.

While the EU can do nothing serious in the short run, prudence is a virtue.

Perhaps after the vote raise a new battalion for the Para's and other corps. And some more fighters and maybe an extra aircraft carrier.

"if you wish for peace..."

We are going to vote to remain in the EU. It is not just "hang on to nurse......etc". It is because the Leave campaign (except in Zummerzet) is a shambles. The Labour party have decided to keep quiet and there is no sign of the man and his party who got 4 million votes in May 2015. What we have got is a squabble over control of the Tory party. That is really all that Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and so on care about. Here comes prime minister Corbyn! Who would have forecast that a few months ago?

I agree, BOE, that the 'Leave' campaign has been less than inspiring and it is a pity that the two main sections of it are not united. However, whilst I am no expert on the details, I have the impression that it is the UKIPPERS who are stand-offish!

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