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Saturday, 14 May 2016


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Their increasing desperation shows that they are getting rattled. And rightly so. If you were running a campaign based around the promise that the UK is going to stay as prosperous, free, civilised, and safe as it currently is - wouldn't you tell a few porkies?

My only concern about Brexit is they could ban us from the Eurovision Song Contest. That would be unbearable.

Jimmy being barred from that dreadful cacophony of discordant screeching by transgender alleged artistes would be another argument for supporting Brexit.

Here's looking at you, Duff.
Another year older, eh?

OK, Jimmy, if I had any doubts about voting LEAVE, you've just convinced me!

Nearly but not quite, Andra. Tuesday is the Big Day and no doubt the fireworks will be going off all round Sydney Harbour - not!

I'm blowing up the balloons as we speak.

Yeah but only to let them go so they produce that farting sound which will make you think of this old man! (And you're more right than you know, according to the Memsahib!)

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