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Monday, 02 May 2016


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David, you now see why the "truck" has always been the vehicle of choice here in the American South. Our reputation down here is well known for "how to" in what says love. Some of us go a step further and buy running boards to ease entry for shorter ladies. They are always touched by this gesture.

And, to see seal the deal (generally, just after she gets in the truck) add, My, What a beautiful tooth you have!

Yes, JK, but with respect, I think that only applies in Arkansas!

Got to understand all the "niceties" of Greater Appalachia there David.

If, while wranglin' herself into the truck seat, you notice she's got underdrawers on, that's a good indication her daddy is rich/influential-in-the-county - if that's that is the case, etiquette requires you gotta be extry courteous.

And that'd be applicable anywhere, south of the Mason-Dixon!

You should write a guide book, JK!

Jk, darn it, don't give everything away! Pretty soon the rest of the country will pick up on our regional "know how" and we will have lost our native mystique. I leave it at running boards so the frail young miss can deposit herself gracefully on the front seat without any "dignity" being compromised.

Well Whitewall ... way I figurte it is, while them "over there" are probably somewhat (if dimly) aware we hail from the Cavaliers don't mean we is cavalier when there's the more delicate aspects of Love's in the hair.

Damned auto-correct!

Interesting link, JK, but I think most of your forefathers 'over there' were of the Roundhead persuasion!

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