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Friday, 24 June 2016


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So Brexit was a "misconception and a mistake", was it? What do you call lending squillions of unrecoverable Euros to the Greeks, and opening your country to half the rapists in the Middle East?

It is like Henry VIII meeting Anne of Cleeve and saying you are an ugly cow, where is my mistress.

Lovely photo of a lovely couple.

He is thinking, "If I tell her I love her that'll give me time to move a lot of my possessions out before I tell her it is over".

She is thinking, "First the Kaiser, then Adolph, now me. I almost had this Frog bastard. F---ing Englanders"

Luvverly innit?

I think that's the Loony Tunes opening sequence in the background, which just about sums the whole thing up.

When the Germans wake up to the fact that the EU bank account has now got a great deal smaller and more of the burden of paying the EU bills and EU cock ups will fall on them will they then think the EU is a marvellous place to be.

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