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Sunday, 12 June 2016


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"... Lawrence of Ludlow - a wealthy wool merchant so presumably he had much to protect!"

Presumably his sheep.

Probably, but also, maybe, the odd virgin daughter - well, you know what the Welsh can be like!

My word David! What nice pictures! I see why you and the Mrs. were tempted to fetch up there some years ago! I enjoy ancient structures...(not you) the manor house, church and castles. Fine fine countryside! I don't know if Somerset has quite the number of these structures as the Welsh are farther off it seems. I don't dare show my wife the B&B as she will start getting ideas...expensive ones.

Cromwell was always a bit rough on people's houses and especially the contents of some houses. Certain religious objects as I recall.

Whiters, we do boast TWO castles in Sherborne, just down the road from me.

The old one used to be owned by Sir Walter Raleigh but it took a pounding from Gen. Fairfax during the civil war but much of the stone was used to build a 'new' one on the other side of the lake.

However, the best bit of 'old Sherborne' is the Abbey which has one of the finest tracery ceilings in the country, see the photo at Wiki:

By and large, Dorset and Somerset concentrated their military efforts on the coast line.

Fabulous! I just returned from Manteo on Roanoke Island where I spent my recent days fishing. That was the spot Sir Walter landed his ship and attempted a colony. It was in Manteo that the first English child-Virginia Dare- was born in the "New World". Sir Walter hared off to England for more supplies but got delayed because of a disturbance caused by Spain. When he returned, the colonists were misplaced. Or lost as history says.

Did you go to Blandings?

'Virginia Dare', what a superb name for the very first Anglo-American.

Alas no, Tim, m'valet forgot the map. It's so difficult to get the staff these days!

Croft Castle also has an ancient British hillfort, Croft Ambrey. The whole area is magnificent (except Telford).

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