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Thursday, 09 June 2016


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IMHO, David, none of the reasons you offered necessitated your withdrawal of your offer. The only valid reason would be a low-quality bosom. A man must have some standards (perhaps I presume too much?).

"an intensely dislikeable woman with the manners of a fishwife and the brain of an amoeba"

You expected more from a professional politician?

Alas, Henry, my eyes never wandered to her bosom, they were transfixed on her huge mouth through which she fog-horned utter tripe mixed with personal, not political, attacks on Boris. Ghastly woman!

Well, AussieD, there were two ladies on the Brexit side who were calm, thoughtful and made their points without personal attacks on their opponents.

I believe the promise to cut windmill subsidies was watered down under a barrage of self-interested whinging from the renewables "industry".

Their latest brainwave is that we should continue to pay them subsidies but call them something else. This is on the grounds that reliable generators get subsidies too. Of course they conveniently forget that the only reason reliables need subsidising is so that they can compete with the subsidies being paid to the windmills.

The whole thing is beyond insane, and you can't trust these people any further than you could throw them.

But you knew that.

Sadly, Andrew, I did know that!

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