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Friday, 24 June 2016


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I'll take Gove rather than Boris, thanks. He seems to be more of a gentleman, if you know what I mean, and Boris' endless clowning and self-promotion might have become an irreversible fixture of his personality. I don't think Boris knows who he is. Even his Euroscepticism seemed to be opportunistic and fragile.

I think I agree with you, 'W', because Gove conducted himself very well despite his resentment when Dave summarily dismissed him as Sec for Education. Also, his reasons for backing Brexit were very well stated in his letter. 'We shall see what we shall see!'

I know that this is shallow of me, but, he even LOOKS like Trump, so it's hard to pretend that there are no similarities there. We must all bear our crosses, but I do not wish a worse one on the Cousins.

Imagine how it would be if you had Boris and Donald together in the one room. All they'd talk about would be their hair and how to keep it looking so damned good.

Andra, that would be a room with no mirrors.

Whitewall, Trump was in Scotland yesterday and the usual idle mob of protesters were there to greet him. Trump did support the outcome of the referendum. I think he will be friendly towards the British if elected and we may need it as I think the EU unelected mafia may not be so friendly when they gang up against us to protect their thiefdom.

Jimmy I think you are right.

Rudd? Must be something in the name. We had one down here as Prime Minister with the first name of Kevni and he was an absolute bloody disaster. Actually his first name was Kevin but he put out a Tweet and misspelled his name and so Kevni he became.

...and welcome back into the Commonwealth. Nice to know we don't have to mount an incursion to rescue Her Maj from nasty Europeans.

Rudd is a dud!

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