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Monday, 13 June 2016


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The comments under this article

are an indication as to just how little the little people care about the wellbeing of the EU political class.

Après nous le déluge....... bring it on

Thanks, David, not just one but several buckets of ice-cold water poured over the EU racket.

"He backed the American Revolution, not to create something dangerously daring and new but rather to restore lost liberties and self-government, the settled practice of an earlier age. Americans of all people should understand why a nation may wish to assert its independence."

Damn Right.

Dead right Duffers us old farts got us into this mess and we should bloody well be ashamed of ourselves for being so duped. The Great British worker has had his nose put out of joint by champagne socialists and greedy financiallsts. Time for him to change his mind and vote against the status quo.

Well, not this particular old fart, Peter, I voted 'NO' back then!

What AEP doesn't mention is that on past performance HMG sovereignty will likely be worse than the HMG / EU combined sovereignty we have now, and maybe even worse than EU authority on it's own.

"Put not thy trust in Princes".


The point you keep avoiding, SoD, is that all of us have to "put our trust in princes", there's no avoiding the obnoxious bastards!

But at least now we have the chance to choose whether those 'princes' are Brits or Europeans. I grant that Cameron and his immediate predecessors are more or less rubbish but, dammit, they're British rubbish and **most important of all** we get the chance to choose them or loose them!

At the moment, the 'princes' who rule you are:
Jean-Claude Juncker
Donald Tusk
Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Mario Draghi
Martin Schulz

Which one did you vote for? Thought so, none of them, and neither do you have a chance to sack any of them, either! And even if you could, it's the 'Kaiserin' who pulls their strings!

Just remember, the essence of the matter is simple:

"Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament and nothing else"

I love the comments under that Indie article.

Also of interest was yesterday's Telegraph letters page, in which every single letter absolutely destroyed Cameron for the absurd threats he's been making against pensioners. I looked for the usual balancing letter they like to print from the opposite point of view, but there wasn't one - clearly nobody had written in support.

I start to hope that we might manage to do this; they'll overturn it, of course, and we'll be sent back to vote again (and again and again until we get it right), but how good to deliver a punch in the face to the loathsome political class.

SoD - as Duffers said I think we can all agree that Cameron is a useless, socialistic lying twat, as were is three predecessors.

However before that we have had a record of producing some half decent national leaders especially when they were most needed (or else just after they were most needed)

THe reason for that is obvious - there was genuine accountability and a genuine political contest.

As more and more power has leached to Brussels, and to the NWO (AKA the UN) national governments are less and less accountable and there is no longer a meaningful political process.

And indeed you have the same process in the USA where more and more power has (despite the constitution) been stolen by the centre, accelerating under Obama and as a result the quality of government has declined vertiginously, largely because there is more of it.

Brexit is not some sort of a panacea. But it is a vital enabling step on the road to reclaiming our heritage as free men

Hi Duffers I accepted responsibility for the EU because I voted for the traitor Heath and the "back to basics" lying toerag Major and like you I voted against joining the "Common Market" why would we join anything common.

Quite so, Peter, true blue gentlemen like us wouldn't be seen dead in anything 'common'!

"However before that we have had a record of producing some half decent national leaders especially when they were most needed (or else just after they were most needed)"

So these'll be the guys and gals that took us from hero-to-zero in the 20th century post-WW2, so that by 1974 we were being bailed out by the IMF and begging to join the EU for some fiscal and monetary discipline?


No Sod, not them, as you know perfectly well.

Now stop being provocative and go to your room and do your homework.

I wish y'all the best. Our common liberties outrank any "common market" by several orders of magnitude. As embarrassing as Trump is, he MIGHT possibly set us on that same good road to restoring those liberties, even if he doesn't understand them or what they are supposed to do. Breath held and fingers crossed for both of us.

You might have to rethink if this sort of thing is going to happen.

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