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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


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According to that paragon of truthful reporting Auntie Beeb, Iceland has no professional football teams and their manager is a dentist. The big question is how much the "England team" were each paid for their minor role in this fiasco. Maybe they should be paid piece work . . .

I gather there was a certain amount of ill tempered jubilation in the berlaymont last night - for wholly understandable reasons.


Anyway, I'm off for some fish fingers - it's the new wonder food!

From your local Iceland Store, I assume, Cuffers!

From the outset, I saw the football as being like the Labour Party: to be glanced at as a break from the news, not to be taken seriously, and soon to be over.

Perhaps you should have used the English Rugby Union team. After all that is real football unlike that pansy pussyfooting ballet with a round ball.

And yes you beat the Wallabies 3 nil.

It was all a mistake. These simpletons though we had to exit the Euro as per the referendum. So they did.

Fish fingers? I have got to catch a member of that species for a look see!


I am quite certain that "fish fingers" is a golden repository for some very nasty off-color humor, which is likely beyond the pale for such a respectable salon as this one :)

Henry, Respectable salon as this?? I Must be in the wrong place. I thought this was Duff and Nonsense...


Well, alright; I'll fess up -- I am reluctant to let my imagination run wild and woolly in a place I have only recently begun to comment ...

Iceland has suddenly become the flavour of the month. I see now that its all about Iceland and I never gave Iceland a moment's thought in my whole life until last week.
They make wheelchairs, they make yoghurt and they win stuff. I sort of thought there were only about 50 people in Iceland and now they seem to be in charge of everything.
How do you account for that?

Well Andra, there're not in the EU of course and they told their banks to foxtrot oscar when they went tits up. Shame about the weather, but otherwise a thoroughly splendid place.

What's wrong with the weather in Iceland? Compared with, for instance, down here in Cornwall. Where I have woken up to yet another grey wet end-of-June day.

10 million people have signed the petition for a rematch to overthrow the result or was it for Brexit.

Ten million signatures, one of them English.

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