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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


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I'm only 5 ft 6 and according to my wife shout too much. Usually at Pakistanis on the TV.

Well BOE you write like a man well over 6 feet tall if that helps?

BOE if you confine your shouting to your wife (God, you're brave!) and Pakistanis (particularly if they're cricketers) then that's alright!

From this side of the pond it's hard to see how GB wins. If you vote to exit your economy will likely suffer for some years as trade is renegotiated, and the UK could break up. If you stay the age old cultural and political frictions between England and The Continent will continue. Either way, good luck.

My Dad, who was 5'3" max (but insisted that he was 5'4") definitely suffered with "galloping SMS" (may he RIP). There were two things I never heard him admit -- "I was wrong" and "I'm sorry".

He was, however, very proud that his son is a 6-footer. (My Mom was only 5'2". Go figure.)

Henry, how can I put this delicately? Did you ever check out the postman or the window cleaner? Jest askin'!

No I wouldn't invite any of them for dinner. My butler suggests they would add nothing the dignity of the occasion and he is usually right. He thinks the silver would end up covered in spittle.

That issue did cross my mind, Duff, when I surpassed my Dad in height at age 13. But both my parents swore I was their offspring. It seems I drank a lot of milk as a child. Moreover, I did resemble both of them in many other respects.

Anyway, I never met our postman (I was always in school when he "delivered") and my Dad always cleaned the windows himself.

Absolutely, Henry, I am sure your mother was a lady of great virtue and that possibly your father was the proud owner of an enormous Colt .45!

You are correct on both counts, Duff. I recall my Dad complaining to me (in confidence) about my Mom's great virtue. And he insisted that his Colt.45 was actually a Colt.47.

Crikey! 'Nuff said, I think!

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