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Friday, 17 June 2016


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After I heard about the murder of poor Jo Cox on your blog, I looked around and came across this ridiculous example of point scoring on twitter:

Yet another good reason why I never use or read Twitter!

Dom, you made me look!
That's the first time I've ever ventured into twitter and thanks but I'll pass.

Oh, I'm not a salesman for Twitter! I don't have an account, but more and more you find threads cited on blogs and news sites.

I'd like to see a "Hoolympics". Effectively an international tournament of "group fighting".

That'd be worth paying good money to watch. I'd be glued to the screen!

A while ago I was researching into ancient and medieval warfare as part of my wargaming hobby. I googled into the stock of hooligan videos and it was not found wanting in terms of evidence for corroboration or contradiction of theories about how ancient and medieval armies fought.

The hools manoeuvre in "companies", shoulder-to-shoulder, with marshals either side directing them. They fling these "companies" at each other like Alexander the Great, groping for flanks, breaking, reforming, seeking out advantages from the terrain.

No reason why it couldn't be institutionalized. Might take them off the streets, and no doubt generate an amusing stream of sports celebs - "Kevin the Barbarian", "Ivan the Terrible", etc.

One might even sponsor an aftershave - "Eau de Sauvage"?


Sometimes, SoD, just sometimes, you hit the nail! "Eau de Sauvage" - priceless!

For a good article on why the UK should leave the EU go to

An article titled "They are not fit to rule us"

On the subject of celebrity affairs, here's the latest bit of juice: Gary the black-tailed godwit has had an affair: -

I like the way Gary is described as "usually faithful". A bit like saying "He's usually a virgin".

Does anyone else join me in thinking there is a hint of a whiff of absolute madness in the air?


With a pecker like that, it'd be rude not to have.

I'm going to mow the lawn now in my clown's outfit.


My late brother was the sports 'Nutcase' within our family, following Newcastle, of course, as well as England. Until, that is, one year he asked me, because I knew how computers 'werked'; to book him tickets to the forthcoming World Cup.

Naturally, I selected England as the team of choice, but he sent me back to the starting gate, and asked for the early matches featuring Brazil. Asked why, he replied, 'I am ashamed, seeing the calibre and antics of English supporters, to say that I do not wish to be even associated with them, so I prefer a Nation which both plays fair, and supports equally fair.

I just wish I knew what he thought he was going to achieve. What passes as intelligence in this man's mind presumed he was going to make some difference to the vote?

One thing guaranteed to make sure politicians remain aloof and withdrawn from the public is a fear that they will be shot for mixing with us. The stupidity and waste of her death is profoundly awful.

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