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Friday, 10 June 2016


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Duffers - why I woud certainly agree with your upsum of Shrillary, (you missed out hypocritical and traitor) I would contest that Trump is neither stupid or incompetent.

He has taken the presidential race (which even before he showed up had descended into a high stakes reality show) nd played it like... a reality show, and looks like winning.

As I have told you before on this blog, he has displayed shrewdness, even intelligence, and ruthlessness - exactly the qualities you want in these difficult times.

I too would have preferred somebody more obviously presidential, but the political system over there (and over here to be fair ) mitigates against honest thoughtful honourable people.

Possibly a Trump presidency might be the shock that sets things moving to repair that, or indeed it might well turn out not to be a total disaster after all (more likely outcome).

If, God forbid, the loathome bitch should win , well I'm volunteering for the Mars flight, or possibly go and join SoD on the planet Zog!!!

Oh and welcome back from Shropshire, and I hope you left it just as you found it.

Cuffers, there are several problems shared by both candidates, not all of them being their fault. For example, they are both exceedingly, well, American which is bound to rub up an old Brit fogey, like me, the wrong way. However, there is a greater problem they both share - what are they FOR and WHY?

Many a time and oft' I have complained on this blog that what I want from politicians is some indication of ideological authenticity. That is not to say that I expect them to be robotic in their approach to each and every problem but they need to approach each problem from a well worked out base. 'That woman' was a supreme example. Yes, she too ducked and dived but you knew that she approached each problem on the basis of a tried and tested ideology. She knew what she was 'for' and what she was 'against' and 'why'!

I doubt that either Trump or Clinton could even spell the word 'ideology'. Oddly enough, Bernie Sanders could, it's just a pity that his particular political philosophy has proven to be a disaster everywhere it has been tried.

To be fair, I should add that both 'Dave 'n' George' are similar to Trump and Clinton but, being British, their potential to create havoc is limited.

I'm looking forward to Trump becoming Prez.
I think there are interesting times ahead and I'll happily watch, listen and chuckle from afar.

I think that in both Europe and the US the people are stirring.They are tired and disgusted with the self serving elites who do not care as long as their snouts are in the trough. If things don't change soon, there could be blood on the streets. Politicians would do well to remember the fates of people like Gaddafi and Ceacescu.


"... what I want from politicians is some indication of ideological authenticity."

In America, at least, you might get some of what you say you want during the winner's Inaugural Address. But you would rarely (if ever) get that during an election campaign. In an American election campaign, you get to hear what each candidate's advisors deem to be what the greatest number of likely voters want to hear. Period. Anything any candidate says or does is orchestrated to win votes.

In answer to the title of the post, the short answer is "yes". The longer answer is "it happened some time ago".

"America" gone mad? That began the date of our Founding. We may yet return to a Monarchy of some sort...after a long difficult period.

The US of A to become a monarchy again!
Now there's an interesting suggestion.
I rather like it but where would you get a suitable "royal" family? Lots of old royals wandering about the globe but I think they are mostly less useful than the presidential hopefuls you already have.
Nah, better stick to what you know. Bad as it may be.

"'Vlad the Impaler' can see an impoverished and feeble Europe providing him with easy pickings"

Russia's pretty impoverished itself, and Putin's IMHO more concerned with maintaining a viable and defensible Russian state in the face of what looks very like NATO encirclement. He's no threat to me or mine.

There are lots of young men in my local high street speaking Slavic languages and getting horribly drunk, but none have snow on their boots and it wasn't Putin who brought them here. Merkel (and Camosborne) are a far greater danger to Britain than Putin.

I see Mr Cameron's Syrians are enriching us already btw

"Three Syrian men have appeared in court accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in a park in Newcastle. Omar Badreddin, 18, Mohammed Alfrouh, 20, and Mohammad Allakkoud, 18, have pleaded not guilty. A 16-year-old-boy, understood to be Syrian, has also been charged with sexual assault. It is not known if he has entered a plea yet. Mr Badreddin came to the UK from Jordan last November under the government's refugee resettlement programme. He and his family were judged to be vulnerable by the UN refugee agency."

You couldn't make it up - one of those charged was from a family being followed by Newsnight to show how they were integrating into UK society !

"In a video clip since deleted from the BBC iPlayer and YouTube, Newsnight said it would be ‘introducing you to the second family from Syria who we’ll be following. They’ve just arrived in Newcastle’.

Nothing more was heard until Friday night when presenter Evan Davis told viewers: ‘We have to report things have taken a disturbing turn. The teenage son was in court today charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.’"

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