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Thursday, 23 June 2016


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If you are predicting the result will be close, then you will probably have broken your record of incorrect predictions. Anyway, we can always have another one.........

Go to it, Gaffer.

I suspect this is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but rather just the beginning of the beginning of this particular tale from Westeros.

But isn't it glorious that the slings and arrows of this conflict are merely the hot air variety, and not the slitty, slicey, choppy Game of Thrones variety?

Something of a first in the 2,500 slitty, slicey, choppy years of Westeros.

And something we can all celebrate - from California to the Urals (alright, not quite yet, California to the Danube then).


Barring a 60/40 vote for remain this will not be the end of the matter.
It is indeed wonderful that we are disputing a European Empire without killing people.
Finally, another quote from Arthur Wellesley- "It all rather depends on that item over there" indicating a humble infrantryman.

Needless to say, I had to look up "Westeros" because, as must be clear by now, SoD inhabits a different planet from me. Needless to say, it is a phantasy-land. Why am I not surprised?

Alas, BOE, the thought of another referendum fills me with gloom.

Pat, I sort of sympathise with your feeling that "It is indeed wonderful that we are disputing a European Empire without killing people" but then I think of 'Junck the Drunk' and a red mist descends over my eyes! And when I think of Dave 'n' George, flecks of spittle form on my lips!

Well, I've had my last argument about it (with my wife, of all people, and I think I have prevailed!) and so off I go to vote.

The possibility of another referendum if we lose is interesting. The Scotland issue has not been settled, has it? All will depend on how Europe behaves in the interim. If things hold steady, the longer we leave it then the more our hopes will fade. More immigrants, and more European subsidy-junkies. Where I live (Cambridge) there are lots of high-tech companies in "Silicon Fen" which are tied into Europe; and lots of foreigners who don't give a damn. Judging by the posters, remainers are in the massive majority.

On the other hand, if things get a lot rougher in Southern Europe and it looks as if all member states will be impoverished by having to pay Danegeld, then things will be set better for a replay.

It seems to me that if we lose there will be another referendum because of the referendum lock on further treaties impinging on the soveriegnty question, and as any fule kno' there is going to be another treaty in a couple of years to finalise the single european state, with Army, turkey and all the rest of it.

Unless parliament repeals the referendum act (which is not impossible I would imagine) then we should get another vote then.

Unimaginable further damage will have happened to Europe in the mean while, (whither Italy?) but, ho hum that's the rough and tumble of EU politics for you. What's a lost generation between friends?

If we lose, you can console yourself with the knowledge that the whole business has been a complete sham anyway: Cameron has not the slightest intention of respecting the result, unless it goes his way.

And if we win, we'll just be sent back to do it all again until we give the right answer.

I've read about the "European State", complete with an of what to do what I wonder? Expel Muslims, or enforce dictates of unelected bureaucrats? An army to protect the people from threat or an army to protect the Government from the people? Armies need only a purpose and a paycheck.

If Remain wins and the EU parliament doesn't ratify Dave's opt out clauses, that might cause enough brownies to hit the fan for a second showing.

Remember, Schaeuble and the Jerries don't want any more integration either. The last thing they want is Eurozone debt pooling and redistribution with club med. He has already underwritten that position by saying that Brexit or *even a marginal Remain* means that further integration cannot happen - Europe must respect the wishes of the sovereigns and their people, and change direction. (As said, this is not any principled or philosophic base from the Jerry elites, it's just the debt pooling and redistribution talking, but hey ho, that'll do). The federal project will have been checked - unless a massive swing to Remain occurs.

So the Wellingtonian metaphors might well be proper - and here's a great pic of the last time Britain and Germany saved Europe from itself: -

In the words of old man Blucher: "Quelle affaire, mein lieber Kamerad!"

We're not quite at that stage yet. More like when the Grognards have just taken that massive volley from the Guards on slope of Mont Saint-Jean and stopped.

All we need is a Colonel Colborne with the 52nd to come about 90 degrees and let fly, and it'll be a Germano-British Europe for the next 100 years.

Then we can export all our pols and busy bodies to Brussels and let them boss the Europeans about - like we did the colonials and natives in our first empire.

That'll leave us alone nicely with our "accidental Liberty" back in Blighty, so we can bluff our way with our string bag democracy and preach and prate to the rest of the world about how great it is and we are for another century.

Cry Harry and St George (mit ein bischen "Furor Teutonicus").


All we need to do is expel the French. An Anglo-German EU would probably be unpleasant but efficient, as opposed to the French version, which is both unpleasant and inefficient. How do we do that though?

"How do we do that though?"

By not leaving, or if so, only just leaving (1-2%); nor by remaining with any enthusiasm (1-2%). And then letting loose with some of that Country Bumpkin vim and vigour in partnership with Schaeuble and the Jerries - there's a whole continent that hasn't been bossed about by the bunch that knows better than anyone how to do - come along Daisy!

The Frogs and Club Med wouldn't stand a chance against you lot plus the Krauts. Jesus, like the natives and ex-colonials, makes me almost feel sorry for them.


"you lot"

Are you not English?

@ Whyaxye to your comment of 1036.

"Where I live (Cambridge) there are lots of high-tech companies in "Silicon Fen" which are tied into Europe; and lots of foreigners who don't give a damn. Judging by the posters, remainers are in the massive majority."


I tried to respond 'back when it looked t'other way' to post this in response but, for whatever reason Typepad kept rejecting it. Let me try this again;

SoD will enjoy that link, JK.

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