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Friday, 24 June 2016


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God blew and they were scattered.

Brilliant result. Hope Cameron does the decent thing, and should signal the end of Corbyn too.

If the EU had offered the UK a deal we could live with, things would have turned out differently. They gambled on us not doing what we have done – and lost. I have just watched a vox pop from Poland and they have no idea that this whole thing is caused by the Poles and the rest telling us to get stuffed.

Let's face the music and dance!

You can traduce UKIP till the cows come home me old son, BUT, remember if it were not for UKIP and the pressure they put on "Call me Dave" to force him into giving us a referendum, we would not be where we are today.

A little more humility wouldn't go amiss.

Nevertheless, it is a great day for our country and if I were you I'd ring up Brenda and get her to ennoble Nigel Farage as Viscount Farage of Brexit.

A knighthood is not sufficient reward for what he's gone through.

I was incensed when I saw the American Prez. lecturing you mob like a headmaster dealing with a bunch of naughty boys.
How dare he? What a bloody cheek.
And now it serves him right that he has turned out to a total idiot toadying to his dear friend Dim Dave.
Let them both wander into oblivion and never darken our doors again!
Up the Poms and well done David.
I sincerely doubt your lot could have done it without you.

'Raps', I thought I had already said that and if you think 'Nige' deserves a higher order then I will not argue!

Thank you for your last line, Andra, I do think 'it wos the Milborne Port vote wot dunnit'!

Obama, Merkel, the self-same Cameron - up your collective arse.

The British working classes have done what they do best and taken the vital step towards saving Europe from itself.

"I don't know they do to the enemy but by god they terrify me"

Dim Dave to go in the next 3 months. Better and better!

Answer to her maj: (1) The unity of UK (2) The prosperity of the UK (3) Peace in the UK.

Oops, too late!

Scotland, Gibraltar, and London(?) to leave, sterling and stock market down 10% and assorted farmers, steelworkers, and country bumpkins on the media already clamouring for more wedge, and first MP murdered by a country bumpkin with a resurgent IRA sure to follow.


It's bein' so cheerful, SoD, as keeps yer so young!

And to cap it all, CAMERON HAS GONE. YIPPEEE!

Looks like Grouchy and his 30,000 men got in between us.

Dunkirk, not D-Day.

"Sauve qui peut!"


I like the way that it's the old people who have "voted on behalf of the young". I have a sneaking suspicion the young are happy for an entire generation to slave away under the yoke of the EU, earning just enough to keep the young people with a pension whilst having no say in how our country is run.

Alas and alack, People, whilst I would love to spend the morning gloating like mad the 'Memsahib' needs to be driven hither and thither and then I have to go and visit a friend. However, "I shall return" and then gallons of 'gloat' will be poured over these distinguished columns!

Champers all round what a great result. However will it be short lived the Islington set, Brussels and other vested interests will not give up that easily. I suspect we will be forced to vote again after they cobble together another set of useless concessions and threaten us with dire consequences if we dare to defy the EU again. I do not believe it is all over until the fat German lady sings.

Unbelievable amount of butt hurt on display on the news commentary shows here in Spain. As a net recipient of EU funds, that's only natural. This may also have an effect on the Spanish general elections this Sunday.

I do not know if the elation I felt was like my mother's and older brothers and sister when the war ended. However I was confident the British would not all fall for the lies and scare stories which my party participated in. The lie being told by Labour about maternity rigths was a disgrace. It was the Wilson Gov that introduced those rights not the EU. And the subtle way the Remain used the Cox murder was a disgrace. So here is a drink to all who had the courage to vote OOT.

Well done Britain! Never take your eye off those who govern in London, even though Dave is riding off into the sunset. The ruling class does not like defeat at the hands of the lower orders. Vigilance.

Especially gratifying to see Obama get yet another one broke off in him.

Au contraire (more French), Duffers, a piss-up in a brewery is the one thing UKIP could be counted to pull off successfully. Now for the hangover of all hangovers!

I just peeked "up north" and discovered Richard North has allowed himself to be in a fairly good mood. He and some of his compadres have worked up something they call Flexcit to help with the transition to freedom. That will have to wait I suspect until all the rabbits stop running across so many graves of global bureaucrats.

As I wrote you in the middle of your night, Huzzah and Hosannah! So happy for the cousins, and sticking it to the big O is gravy on the steak. Now, what's wrong with a duty-free zone? Tariffs never did anybody any good in the long run. My revulsion was for Brussels telling y'all how to cut the cheese, and yes, that means two things here, too.

Sturgeon and Adams seem to look very happy about it too. Desn't it worry you?

Thanks, Michael, and your point on tarrifs is a good one.

Not in the slightest, Ortega. The Irish nationalists were well and truly defeated during the recent 'Troubles' but due to Tony Blair's softness they were actually given a good deal - particularly their 'fat cats' like Adams. They might kick off again but I suspect they will think twice.

As for the Jocks, Sturgeon might sound very confident but she will remember that she actually lost the last Scottish independence vote, and in last years elections her party failed to gain total control of the Scottish parliament. Also, the price of oil has slumped!

Lockheed Martin UK

Lockheed Martin DOW

Et cetera but, I suppose I should admit I'll be sitting on this shiny yellow stuff abit longer.

David? Incidentally, the guy who makes my trades and purchases for me was absolutely aghast when I directed him to, "trade in all my sterling for gold" going so far as to call me foolish and wondering "who told you such nonsense?"

Now there's an email in my box I think I'll let stay on simmer awhile longer. Thanks David my Friend for not stopping your unerring run in the "predicshun bidness"!

Three cheers for Britain!! My late mum and dad, who grew up in Scotland and London respectively, would be very proud today.

Perhaps best of all, over on this side of the ditch: to watch Britain put its thumb in Barack Obama's eye. You'll have a good friend and a stout ally in our next president -- and this result will help, I think, to put the wind at his back.

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,--
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.

It took, perhaps, longer than it should have to shake off this humiliating yoke -- but as Henryk Sienkiewicz once said: "England is never in a hurry, because she is eternal."

Three cheers for Britain!!

Stirling stuff, Malcolm.

I'm a bit late to the party because of my Pacific time zone, but I am just as elated as the rest of youz guys. Congratulations to the British people for righting their ship of state!

Now, please wish us Americans good luck in November disinfecting the stench of 0bama and his ilk from that once great Nation of ours (and one of Great Britain's best friends).

Dear Andra,

"Let them both wander into oblivion and never darken our doors again!"
You read my mind. From your lips to God's ears.

Good to hear from you, Henry.

Is there a Small Henry lurking anywhere in the background and which particular part of you is so "Big" that you needed to emphasize it for us? Not that we don't appreciate such distinctions. It's always better to know just who we're dealing with.

For instance, JK is 6'7"and looks just like Arnie Schwartzenegger (well, you know who I mean) only with an Arkie accent and overalls.

Coincidentally I am reading an old book written by Jeffrey Archer (one of your old criminals) called "First Among Equals", which tells the tale of 4 young Pommy blokes who go into Parliament. It's pretty boring and I've been reading it for so long I've had to make myself a little note to remind me who the hell the characters are. However, the part I'm up to is about Britain GOING into the EU and that's where you went wrong. If you could rewrite that things would be a whole lot different.

Get Jeffrey Archer on the phone (is he still alive?) and ask him to write an up to date book about these 4 guys.

I dunno how it ends but the bit I'm up to now is Ms. Thatcher being PM .... does it get better after that?


"Is there a [little] Henry lurking anywhere in the background and which particular part of you is so "Big" that you needed to emphasize it for us?"
Yes, there is; and my "Bigness" has to do with my age, not my size. All is revealed about my nickname in my post "TheBigHenry". It's a long story, albeit an interesting one (in my humble opinion).

Nice to hear from you.

Many thanks, TheBigHenry.
I understand and will spend some time with you.

I can still hardly believe it myself. Cannot stop grinning :-)

Hi Perry,

I liked your post that you linked to. I guess you noticed that the media the world over seems to support (with a vengeance) everything that sane people detest.

Henry, Perry's link was eye opening. Isn't it always the case that average people have capabilities that the ruling class lack?


The so-called "ruling class" is above average, doncha know? What they ignore, however, is that they are above average in arrogance, perfidy, and stupidity.

Henry, indeed! They are, as we say down here, "educated beyond their intelligence".

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