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Saturday, 25 June 2016


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I have no doubt that you and SOD will settle the Brexit issue once and for all. But will you remember what the settlement is in the morning?

Have Fun!

In case there was ever a doubt about who owned the EU..."Germany says 'won't let anyone take Europe from us".

Hank, that is a very good point!

Whiters, they are more than welcome to 'Europe' given that most of the Med countries are bankrupt!

Blighty is £1.6tr towards bankruptcy too - and heading deeper into it still at the rate of £75bn a year, in spite of Dave and George's "austerity", which was 75 billion reasons for being nothing of the sort, but still more than the 1970's mentality country bumpkins could cope with.

Look forward to them full steam ahead spending your income, borrowing in your name, and printing (aka expropriation of your non-monetary assets).

At some point the markets will sniff you out, and you'll have to do austerity like you've never experienced.

And then the underclass will rise up and tear your cities apart - if the IRA, Scots Nats, Islamists, Londoners, and Putin haven't torn your country apart already.

A plague on all your houses.


Do I detect a note of bitterness? I quite agree that Dave 'n' George were big spenders with minimal brains, so it's all to the good that they are both utterly finished. Now, if Gove can be made Chancellor and keep Boris (more or less) on the straight and narrow, and we can stop sending shed-loads of dosh to Brussels along with all that so-called AID money for retired African despots, then UK plc might be set fair.

Now just concentrate on the important things and put the 'champers' on ice ready to refresh your dear old Dad when he arrives!

No Champers, the price has gone up 25% on account of sterling dropping by 20% (don't try and do the maths, if you country bumpkins can't do netting off there's no chance of margin vs. markup conundrum), and that's not including the soon to arrive EU tariff.

Yeah, a nice pint of bitter instead, with all the taste of soaked socks and ground chestnuts, what a good idea. And I'm keeping my final stocks of quality Czech Pilsner to keep me going until I arrive at my new destination: -


Scarcely out from under the cosh of the Romans, the last ballot paper having hardly fluttered to the bottom of the box and settled, and the People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front are already at it hammer and tongs: -

The Popular Front (our favourite - he's over there!) is the only way forward.


"When two tribes go to war,
A point is all that you can score".


Good luck David, although I suspect SoD might have the edge in the punch up department, lol! Unless you're like Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino"..

Whitewall, I am sure you were not joking about Germany.


SoD your petulance is unbecoming.

The democratic process has delivered a result you obviously do not like but having been delivered you should act like an adult and do what you can to make the decision work.

Democracy seems an alien concept to the EU and its supporters.

Welcome to Britain's future ...

We're witnessing the final stage in fall of the British empire: The disintegration of the Union.

So Magna Carter, the Common Law, rule of law, Democracy, Liberty have lost their historical reference point. The Wright brothers' plane just nose dived into the ocean. Think of the scene from Planet of the Apes where Lady Liberty is face down in the Manhattan sand.

We throw the torch to you, the ex-colonials. Remember us, the British, your ancestral Mother and Father, with fondness, and light the way forward for the world.


SoD if the UK, in whatever form, is no longer in the EU then it, the EU, is in no position to treat the UK like Greece for the UK will not be beholden to it.

You, unlike Greece, have a large economy and there are still the Anglophile Commonwealth countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand who can supply your needs at more than competitive rates and who also share a common heritage.

See this as an opportunity to prosper under your own rule and to rejoice in your regained independence.

Remember the five questions that need to be asked of any person or body seeking to govern you.

– What power do you have;
– Where did you get it;
– In whose interests do you exercise it
– To whom are you accountable
– How can we get rid of you?

The EU could not look you in the collective eye and give you a satisfactory answer to questions two to five.

In this country we have a vested interest in your independence as two wars against Frau Merkel's forbears trying to dominate you cost us 69,572 killed in action or died of wounds and 179,447 wounded in action. And then of course there are the Canadian and New Zealand casualties on top of that.

Hang on to the bloody torch mate and light your own way forward.

"We throw the torch to you, the ex-colonials. Remember us, the British, your ancestral Mother and Father, with fondness, and light the way forward for the world."

Whatever it is you are on; could you email me some?

Britain is finished, but like Greece and Rome it will live on in the reverberations of its ideas in its offspring.

Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London, England, and maybe even Cornwall, will become independent states again, and many may choose to join the EU.

The EU itself will soon realize their opportunity: To reform to a fully featured republic, with elected executive and legislative bodies, and an independent judiciary, and grab the component states of post-Britain.

So in the end we may end up with a legitimate power in the EU, with 32-33 states.

As a block of 6 within the EU, the former British states may find the voice they never had as one member! A more powerful example of the Visegrad block.

If London joins the Euro and retains the city as prime location for finance in Europe and the world, then the other 5 will have the richest state on the planet - the Switzerland of the world - right next to them.

And Europeans, ex-British alike, country bumpkins and metros and everything in between, will get the chance to fashion a modern democratic, liberal, republic on the lessons first delivered by the Greeks 2,500 years ago, while preserving the peculiarities of their regional ancient histories.

From the ashes of the Wright brothers' plane arises: The new Dreamliner.

And what an irony, so poignant that even a Yank could see it :-) , that it will have been the country bumpkins that did it. That's an irony I will swallow without bitterness.

Now Cornish, English, Londoner, Welsh, Scot, and Irish, we stand together as equals. Get back in the boats. It's D-Day.


Maybe the common people in their wisdom have just struck a blow for freedom over subjugation to a foreign government. Older sensible people saving younger people from themselves. Twentysomethings and thirtysomethings all tribed up in major cities soon lose sight of just what it takes to make an economy and a society run. This has happened to Brussels and it is killing Europe.

The EU was soon to go the way of the USSR. Dead from its own unworkability and corruption.

Listen to this twat: -

Spent two decades arguing for Out, chastised Remain as "Project Fear", then acknowledges what I have been saying all along: Britain was ungovernable in 1975 when it last had control, and has lost any residual capability in the last 40 years when the EU ran us better than we'd managed, so that Britain is now in the lowest position of ungovernability it is possible to be - in other words Project Fear was true!


And this twat: -

"the politicians need to atone for their past sins by reconnecting and leading. They need to talk Britain up, not sustain this weird Project Fear long after the referendum - like an insurgency against the electorate. Come out of your hiding, Mr Osborne! Tell us it's all going to be okay!"

He's in hiding and not telling us it's going to be ok because he knows it isn't going to be ok, and he said so throughout, you ignored him, and labelled his arguments "Project Fear".

Let's just make a Schindler of the crises now facing Britain: -

(1.a) Northern Ireland - Disintegration from Britain with IRA violence, re-unification with Ireland, conflict with Europe and America who will support Ireland (remember the American Irish were the biggest funders of the IRA)
(1.b) Scotland - Independence, with or without conflict
(1.c) London - Independence from Britain, or else loss of Euro trading market, relocation of large banks to EU countries, loss of tax revenue; joining of the EU and Euro hugely supported by the EU on the basis that London's immense money making facility switches to become the finance centre of Europe
(1.d) Gibraltar - Independence, backed up by Spain and hence the EU, with conflict or not, as required
(1.e) Violent nationalism, racism, xenophobia - Britain First, and follow-ons to their first murder of an MP; vast conflict with large established immigrant communities from Commonwealth and Europe
(1.f) Collapse of Governability - Both major parties disintegrating, Leave campaigners disintegrating
(1.g) Uprising of the underclass - As happened 4-5 years ago, tearing England's cities apart
(1.h) Flight of human and asset capital - Anyone employable, from the professional classes to the hard working trades, and investment funding, will leave Britain

"Project Fear" was not a lie. Now it's your future.


Love him or hate him, he's got a way with words: -

‘It is not an amicable divorce, but it was not an intimate love affair anyway.’ - Jean-Claude Juncker


"Love him or hate him, he's got a way with words"

- and a bottle of cognac.


"Party time", the title of this post, indeed: -

"He (Tom Watson) said he was not planning to resign but needed to get back to London to 'find out what's going on'."

Reeling around in a train station, still pissed from the night before with an afternoon hang-over on the horizon, the deputy leader of Britain's opposition can only say he "needed to get back to London to 'find out what's going on'."

You literally, literally couldn't make it up.

That's the calibre of leadership you've just voted to live exclusively under. And after losing all the arguments you admitted they were shit and said "It doesn't matter, so long as they're British".

My God. What have you done?


Pull quote: The rulers of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States—take your pick—are so convinced that they know better than the masses, and that they are building a better world, that even in defeat, they are bemoaning how wrongly the masses have voted. And that is the looming danger for the future that the Brexit vote foreshadows: that elites will still not address the concerns of a large proportion of their own citizens.

BOE at 1150

"What ever it is you are on can you email me some?"

Loz at 1210

"The EU itself will soon realize their opportunity: To reform to a fully featured republic, with elected executive and legislative bodies, and an independent judiciary, and grab the component states of post-Britain."

"So in the end we may end up with a legitimate power in the EU."


There now BOE but, do take care to have the Naloxone to hand should it become overwhelming.

Dr. Loz has done all in his power - for now, just sit back and enjoy the rush!

UK STUDENTS COMPLAIN ABOUT BREXIT: “A really important decision was made for us by the older generation” . . . “Essentially people much, much older than us — and who won’t be around for the consequences — are giving us a future we don’t want.”

On Facebook, Richard Fernandez’s response is brutal:

Essentially people much older than you gave you what you now take for granted. They won World War 2, fueled the great boom, walked through the valley of the shadow of nuclear death — and had you.

You didn’t make the present, nor as you now complain, are you making the future. No children, no national defense, no love of God or country.

But that’s just it. You’ve brainwashed yourselves into thinking someone else: the old, the older, the government, the dead would always do things for you.

If you learn anything from Brexit, learn that nobody got anywhere expecting someone to do things for him.

'Nuff said.

Quite right, Whitewall - the pain of this decision is now. During my working life time. I did this to try and produce a stronger country down the road, which other people's children will inherit. And all those kids moaning? I could never afford a child (not the only reason for not having one, but one of them) and I felt uncomfortable to have one with the certain knowledge that others would be forced to pay for it.

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