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Saturday, 18 June 2016


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Sorry, sorry, I duplicated posts and then deleted the one had a couple of comments. And I haven't even had a drink - honestly!

No drink? It's them drugs I'll bet!

An amusing take on your claustrophobia, Duff. I assume you would not be a happy camper on a nuclear submarine, which can stay submerged until it runs out of food (otherwise, indefinitely). Moreover, you would sorely miss having toilet paper on hand (as it were).

I have a touch of acrophobia, but I can generally venture out onto a balcony or some such.
As a child I climbed every tree, forded every mountain and jumped over every river, etc.
Not so much lately.
However, my claustrophobia knows no bounds. Luckily I live in a smallish city so I don't have to deal with vast underground car parks or even high rise car parks. Just can't go there!
A year of so ago I was with some friends in a car and he started to go up a concrete ramp into his high-rise apartment parking area and I absolutely freaked out. "Stop the car, I want to get out." I ran frantically down the ramp and kept running until I found a nice tree to recuperate under.
I went through some caves in Cuba a few years ago and managed to sit quietly but I just about had a nervous breakdown on a cable-car in Singapore many years ago.
The whole thing is weird. I'm OK with elevators!
And Henry, I have known a few fellows who have been submariners and, let me tell you, they are, each and every one of them, stark, raving mad.

You are entirely right, Henry. I once, as a young lad, went into a submarine that was on display somewhere and I only manage the tour because the damned thing was tied up to a quay and the hatches remained open. I once watched that brilliant German film "Das Boot" on the 'telly' with my finger nails buried in the fabric of my armchair!

Er, JK, apropos Andra's final sentence, did you ever serve in subs?

Andra, please don't confuse me with the brave submariners. My knowledge about nuclear submarines is confined (pun intended) to their nuclear power source. I am a retired nuclear physicist.


Duff, I don't suffer from claustrophobia (though I do have a touch of acrophobia). Fortunately, I also do not suffer from bathophobia. I was once privileged to visit the control room at the bottom of an ICBM silo. The real scary part, however, was negotiating the very tall steel ladder to get to the control room from the surface. The whole time climbing down (and back up) my mantra was, "Feet -- don't fail me now!"

"Er, JK, apropos Andra's final sentence, did you ever serve in subs?"

Couple insertions David was about it - only requiring a minimal of time aboard. If you're still blogging come latish 2019 - when, supposedly it declassifies - ask me about it then.

But I guess it's okay to say, the helo rides out to the boats were "exciting."


"..., the helo rides out to the boats were exciting."

Sounds like those helo rides were blazing?

Ain't gonna fall for that Henry. Look me up on Amazon in a few years.

I'm reckoning I ain't got what Hillary gots but, nice try anyway ...

Wize choice, JK. I should not have tempted you, but I was confident you would know I was kidding. Y'all be cool.


No feughing way I'm gonna be Spërow Agnew to Hillary Milhouse Clinton!

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