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Thursday, 23 June 2016


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David, careful, or Wellington's ghost may visit you in your dreams.

Crikey, better polish my boots then!

Sir Duff has a ring about it Duff night has a few memories.


"... oh my Gaaaard, I just used French!"

Well, when the Queen awards you the Order of the Garter, she'll probably say something in French -- "Honi soit qui mal y pense".

Henry!! Not you too!

While you are sleeping, I am reading the news that y'all won. I really must go to bed, this is a seventy one hour week for me, but Glory Hallelujah! I am so happy for y'all.Do I dare sleep? Will it turn the other way while I am unconscious?

Our Lefty media hushed this up, but finally published today that, while the O is telling you how to vote, eighty per cent of Americans favored "Leave." It almost feels like VE day again. Such good news!


Melborne Port? I'm sure the Somerset countryside is beautiful but it seems a long way to a coast.

I assume you helped all the residents of that church yard next door that you mow to vote properly? Is that why it looks like a win for exit?

Duffers another one of your bloody awful predictions totally wrong.

News here in Oz at 14:26 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time [GMT +11] is that BREXIT has won.

To use an Aussie term of approbation. "You bloody ripper".

Congrats, Country Bumpkins!

I'm having a duvet day.


The only problem seems to be that my shares (mostly in banks) have disintegrated before my very eyes.
Apparently this is the end of the world as we know it!
Never mind.
I'll have a glass of wine for youse all and you can hit the martinis quite legitimately.
Well done, Duff.

You bastards, don't you dare take away my GOT: -


Thanks for that "I think we will lose!" money market tip post David.

Oh. & Congratulations!

(Loz? You do know what DEET is don't you? You'll need it for Canada.)

Thanks England.

JK, interesting link but what has England got to do with it?

Patience David. Erdogan's freedom of maneuver got checked with that apology - and with, basically, the same thing dropping his demand the Israelis compensate the Turks for that little misunderstanding (2010?) when the Turks tried breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

JK realizes y'all are presently preoccupied but, "fairly soon" I think you'll see some, oh I don't know, movement I suppose.

*** As somebody else put it: "The rather foolish view of the State Department 51, and other supposed Euro experts on foreign policy, would have this country enter into a conflict with Russia over a land none of us will ever control or dominate. It is the height of folly and makes one wonder why we should believe that having foreign policy experience equals common sense understanding and competency."

Admittedly, this'll take abit to all shake out.

Erdogan's move incidentally, occurred on the 24th. Reckon that timing was just coincidence?

Oops. My mistake.

"Israel fulfilled the Turkish request-cum-demand for a public mea culpa and paid the Turks $21 million as compensation for the deaths of their 10 citizens killed when Israeli commandoes boarded a Turkish vessel, part of an international flotilla, to prevent the ship from advancing as it attempted to break through an Israeli blockade of Gaza."

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