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Thursday, 30 June 2016


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As you same, he needs more time to ripen. He could be ready in about five years time, just as after years of tedious arguments, we decide to stay in the EU!

Never had a proper job himself. Only pol roles and "Marketing Consultant" - yes, quite.

Yet no doubt, he will have the psychotic self belief that a zero track record in having done anything where the output exceeded the input is no obstruction to him being given monopoly control over the means of production and distribution of some or all of Blighty's economy.

Unless he is that one decade in every 2500 years pol, who, like Maggie and Ronnie, says "We're shit, and we know we are".

I'm not a gambling man, but ...


Don't fret, BOE, the EU will probably break up long before that.

Crabb? He's just a nipper!

(I'll get my coat...)

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