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Sunday, 26 June 2016


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Yeah right, you'll be lucky if any of those twats have the balls to trigger article 50 ...

... or the brains to do anything worthwhile with it if they did trigger it.

That's the two things they know: Their own fecklessness, and that triggering article 50 will be hell for whoever does it and the end of their political career.

Meanwhile, you can be sure Juncker, Merkel, Hollande, et al will have more than enough gonads and brains between them to do whatever it takes to shore up the EU, including, but not limited to: -

1. Expropriating the banking sector from London.
2. Selling all the Beamers, VW's, etc. that whatever is left of Britain won't be able to afford, to Putin in exchange for a steady supply of nice cheap oil and gas.
3. Contributing to the disintegration of the UK "pour encourager les autres" - not that it will need much of a contribution.
4. Doing the reforms necessary to stave off criticism of democratic deficiency (JK take note), which will put the EU light years ahead of Britain's anachronistic, deformed, and dysfunctional democracy.


You see what's happened and happening?

BoJo, Gove, et al all thought Dave would stand by his word, press the article 50 button, and spend the next 10 years of his life "doing all the shit", as he put it!

Now Dave has said "fuck off", BoJo and Gove are nowhere to be seen coz they were expecting to have to "do all the shit" and don't wanna - explains their funereal expressions on announcement of their "victory"!

Nor does any politician want to press the article 50 button, live through a decade of hell, be blamed for the shambles at the end, and have their career trashed.

Too funny for words!


Typo: "were expecting to have to "do all the shit"" should be "weren't" not "were".


Keerist SoD, you're gonna wear youself plumb out! (And mebbe us too) David? You've fed yer kid too much sucrose over the recent hours, Wean him!

SoD! Chill out man ... its only been what, 72 or so hours?

Its called The Fog of War for a reason Loz.


The referendum has effectively called Britain's bluff.

Britain's deformed democracy is unable to follow through with the "will of the people", its political class are cowardly and feckless, and its voters dim beyond redemption.

Instead of the EU being the "democratic deficient", dysfunctional institution in our midst, and Blighty the treasure of democratic achievement, courage, and capability, it was actually the other way round!

I wonder how the EU will react to this specifically? Will they chuck Britain out? Or will they let us rot on the hook of our own cowardice and incompetence, and expropriate all the banks, finance, pharma, and tech industries and quality labour while we're still in the single market that allows the freedom of movement of capital and people!

Oh, what a fitting end to Britain: Being seen at last for the spectacularly useless twat it is - in the most spectacular way possible.


Brilliant summation ...


Oh well, I suppose the adrenaline pumping loco-motive must run its course. But hopefully - and I dare not much - Loz' unner-kin comes to the realization that runnin' on "panic mode" 24/7 has a downside.

Here ya go SoD ... headphones and volume!

Not Boris, please. There is the very strong suspicion that he only became Eurosceptic just before the campaign in order to lever himself into the top job. Sort of like Corbyn in reverse. And check out the man's record: he has not been conspicuously successful at anything he has undertaken. Journalism, being an MP, running London, being a decent husband.

Interesting thought about Osborne. I cannot imagine he could possibly now discover an "outist" streak to his sensibilities. Were he to do so, he would have to admit that all that stuff about the "punishment budget" was a complete fabrication. A year ago he was sitting pretty, but he now seems comprehensively stuffed. The less we hear from him, the better for all concerned.

Interesting column from Peter Hitchens in the MoS today about a realignment of parties in the UK. It's likely that recent events are of such a magnitude that who leads the current Conservative Party is a bit of a side-show. We need hard-headed anonymous negotiators to save whatever we can from the European spivs and dictators, to be sure. But look elsewhere for the long-term political future.

My friends and colleagues beaten up in Marlow, of all places, a year ago for merely speaking English in a foreign accent in a high street pub, my partner, Fluffbun, routinely verbally abused at work for being a foreigner. Now finally the media start to report these random acts of abuse and violence by the Brexiteers: -

With real skin in this game, it's hardly surprising I'm more vocal than usual.

And now it's time for some direct action of our own: -

Be there - or be a Worzel Gummidge.


"[F]riends and colleagues beaten up .. a year ago."

"Now finally the media start to report these random acts of abuse and violence by the Brexiteers."


Soak that in SoD.

One year ago today;



Also, from one year ago today:

That would be a "Yes" I take it?

Look who's back! : -

So you've still got two posh boys in charge, the leader being a confirmed liar, cheat, and betrayer (of London), and the other one half of the original pair you despised!

Never mind, remember they're British (until the whole rotten edifice falls apart), so that's alright then!


Well Duff, they owe it all to you and your indomitable and insufferable, not to mention interminable, utterances.
Surely the knighthood can't be far away now!
Sir David...... sounds OK.

Now the EU membership is out of the way the Conservatives can after 40 years unite. Labour can squabble and they will for some time to come. So the referendum for us on the right is for now good news.

SoD. Sod off.

Osborne says his dodgy statements and dossiers pre-Brexit are not true post Brexit. That's politics for you. Liars and shysters the lot of them.

German industry says no tariffs trade as usual. We knew they would.

SoD - Haven't you got a day job to do?

It seems your father failed to convince you of the rightness of the brexit cause over the weeknd? Hope you enjoyed your party anyway!

I'm not going to gloat too hard because it is un-British and besides there's many a slip twixt cup and lip as our northern cousins like to say when they're not cheering on the Jamaican women netball team.

"many a slip twixt cup and lip", exactly so, Cuffers, see my latest post.

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