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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


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Brilliant. The Brexit movers and shakers should get their act together to spread this message far and wide.

I got a phone call from Labour this morning and briefly explained I was voting OUT and did so in 1975. It was supposed to be a Trade Agreement but sensible people knew what their grand plan was. Those unelected Commissionaires have been ripping working people off for decades and it must end. I hope the British people rise to the occasion like they did 1939 - 1945. VOTE OOT.

That's an excellent piece of writing. Let's hope more people take note.

I live in Spain and will probably be negatively affected by a Brexit, but I would vote out if I could.

Timbo, negatively is the campaign being fought by the stay in mobsters to keep them in a lifestyle funded by the working people. Boot them out Vote Naw and get oot.

Yep, terrific bit of writing.
I supported the Brexit line from the start, based on our dear David's wafflings but this is really terrific writing, powerful, to the point and sensible.
PS: Why can't you do that, DD?

I know, Andra, I know, "melius non potuit facere" is and always has been my motto since school days, er, that means "could do better"! But I try, dammit, I try!

And we can do away with that stupid law, which says I am not allowed to work more than 48 hours a week. Not, "My boss is not allowed to ask me to work more than 48 hours a week" (and anyone signing a contract these days will note the small sentence which states "You may occasionally be asked to do duties outside of the hours contracted" but also states that no Overtime will be paid, and soon after joining, you are generally informed that no TOIL will be included either and that you should be damn happy to have a job at all, and there are 100's who would do your job for less money, so better 'be the best' by working an extra 8 hours without pay). So now, I hope that it will be my choice if I wish to earn more money by working more hours. Better for me, better for the economy (less debt), better for my future (build up some savings for my old age) and so on. What made me laugh is that a "Remain" campaigner came up with a "What has the EU done for us?" chart, which seemed to say that employment laws we already had in this country were enforced (or made better) by the EU. Interestingly, the Daily Mail came up with a comprehensive study of employment laws in this country which were created before the EU was a twinkle in any rich cat's eye.

Poor old Austria-Hungary. What did it ever do to always be compared with the EU? Austria-Hungary's destruction was a disaster - quite dissimilar from that of the EU!

Another serving of re-fried country-bumpkin bubble-and-squeak.


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