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Wednesday, 22 June 2016


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Well. What surprises me time and time again ...

Duffers no surprises whatsoever there. And of course the loathsome bastard Cameron know all this even as he was praising her to the skies during her inevitable dianification.

RIP poor lady, but she was no friend to the British working class, so a typical modern labourite.

Hope this makes the Sun and the Mail tomorrow morning...

What the Left couldn't bring about via communism, they will bring about via transplanted Islam. The entire European population had better wise up fast and then act. Our governments are not our friends--any of us.

"her inevitable dianification."

Thank you CB I'll save that for later.

"Our governments are not our friends - any of us".

Hear, hear.


With reference to Cuffleyburgers' comment about the Sun and the Mail. I'm rather hoping that they will have saved some other important bits of news until tomorrow morning as well. People need galvanising, as the polls appear to have been drifting in the wrong direction. One more push needed.

Anyway, here's hoping and praying.

I guess the guys appearing in court had an awful lot in common (as well as the poor girl).

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