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Friday, 03 June 2016


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Great Googely Moogely David! Pay attention!

"The convention could hypothetically turn to a candidate who didn’t win the largest number of delegates — or who didn’t win delegates at all (the last one was the Democrats). [...] For the Democrats, the whispers about Vice President Joe Biden making a late charge into the fray have become roars."

September 10th, 2015!

While I would be confident in Trump beating Hellary I would be less confident against Biden, which would be bad news, because although Biden doesn't have Hellary's baggage and is probably less utterly offensive, he still represents the ongoing raping of the American dream, with no prospect in sight of getting back on track.

Personally I have got used to the idea of Trump, and I don't believe for a moment that a Trump presidency would be half as bad as his detractors claim.

The point is that the presidential race has become a reality show. Trump has played it that way and might yet win. He has played it more intelligently and more ruthlessly than his opponents. Intelligence and ruthlessness are not bad qualities to have in a putative commander in chief.

Specially if compared to incompetence and corruption (Hellary) or Joe (whothefuckishe) Biden.

Well, they might have roared in 2015, JK, but 'the good ol' boy' either didn't hear, or he was told to back off so he returned to his deck chair. Now, however, the Dem panjandrums must be getting seriously worried about Hillbilly's lack of 'ooooomph' and may be rethinking the plot.

I confess, 'Cuffers', that I remain confused. I began by accepting that such were Trump's obvious faults and weaknesses that I would have to clench my teeth and hope that 'HillBilly' would win. But then the more and more that I saw and heard of that wretched woman the more I moved towards Trump, even if I had to wear my ear mufflers. But today I read an impassioned argument by Alex Massie at The Coffee House urging us all to hold our noses and support 'HillBilly'. What's a fella to do - apart from feel sorry for American voters?!

I would say Massie's aricle is written from the point of view of the classic political insider.

I have found he rarely has anything interesting to say.

I suspect is is a Remainian for example.

His sort do not appreciate the absolute need for a major shake up in Western politics in general, probably because they identify with the culprits of this systemic decline the rest of us are struggling to live with.

Well, maybe ... but ... despite her manifold vices of which I count laziness and stupidity fairly high, at least 'HillBilly' is, so to speak, 'of this world', where-as, 'The Donald' is from outer space! Anyway, I am just very glad that I do not have to choose between them.

By way of a counter-analysis to Massie's I'd put this on offer.

*'Elf 'n Safey Advisory: The article's author would seem to be Greek - as in, It reads like Greek to me!

Robert "Torch" Torricelli got caught in his own lies and couldn't lie his way out. He was finished. NJ Democrats needed to replace him fast and the NJ Constitution was in the way. No problem. Democrat judges looked the other way while party functionaries went about replacing the Torch with a viable former senator to hold the Senate seat for Democrats. The media yawned and thought breaking the law was proper as the Dems "had" to have a proper nominee. After all, Dems doing whatever is needed to keep power is just normal. The Republicans pointed out the glaringly obvious but to no avail. The Dem stand in candidate won the election and kept the Senate seat. All was as it should be.

This lawless attitude and ends justify the means mentality would carry over to the July convention if Hillary was to drop out. The DNC will never allow Bernie Sanders to become the nominee. He is too far out of the Commie Closet too fast for their liking. Sanders' supporters will riot...I hope. That's the amusing thing about "Democrats", no one Dem is a big enough Red to please all the other wanna bees so they clash and then they deny they are doing what they are doing and why.

Only in America! Although, given the way the Tory party is tearing itself to pieces over the referendum perhaps, just perhaps, 'Jezza' might squeeze through the middle. Dread thought!

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