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Sunday, 05 June 2016


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I am envious of your trip. Enjoy.

Here's the future: -

1. Replaces the public sector with an efficient system, that is, a demand driven free market replaces a command driven monopoly.
2. Covers "Big 8" Libertarian requirements that "no harm shall come to you by other citizens' inaction" (Food, Clothing, Shelter, Health, Education, Energy, Information, Transport).
3. Retains productivity by ensuring people still have to work for their "fun money", that is, surplus earnings they might want above the "Big 8".
4. Directly solves the "automation vs employment" problem.

Something to pontificate on while you loll about with the Shropshire country bumpkins.



HaVe FuN

I have come to the conclusion Lawrence, that you don't exist! You are just an avatar for your father. He writes sensibly as Mr Duff - and you do the other thing.

SoD, that future sounds a lot like some past promises made by "concerned politicians" and benevolent governments. Much good will is needed to pull this off. Maybe a tiny country like SZL could pull it off. But to me, the idea is borderline offensive.

Let's take it to its logical conclusion then with a little mind experiment.

Imagine the entire output of the world's goods and services is produced by a nexus of machines, robots, and computers. There is only one person required to maintain this "automation nexus" - poor sod - uploading the patches, hotfixes, and tweaks. The rest of us loll about and are surplus to production requirements. There is nothing that we can produce that anyone wants that can't be produced by the "automation nexus" (AN from now on) more cheaply.

The AN works roughly as follows: It's a linked set of machines, robots, and computers. The AN's automata (the machines, robots, and computers) compete for your business, as with any free market. So the pattern behind the AN is a neural network, as it is in a free market, brain, or life form.

As demand for one or other product or service increases, so the AN as a whole responds: automata shift into the more profitable demands driven by the price mechanism - price goes up when something is in demand, down when it is not. So the AN as a whole does not respond by diktat, but rather each of its myriad automata responds by shifting output from low demand to high.

Also, the AN monitors for monopolies or cartels - where a single or small group of automata are the only producers of a particular good or service and can thereby raise the price through the power of their position. Wherever this happens the automata are split and sub-divided to ensure competition and curtail price fixing.

Automata who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are particularly feckless, are broken up, and their capital and parts are moved into the successful automata through the market process and price mechanism. This is as happens today when a business or institution is liquidated.

The automata's production input needs are met by the same process that operates their production outputs. So as well as selling their output to the highest bidding automata, they buy their input from the lowest offering automata.

And so the neural network pattern is complete. It is the best analytical solution for solving problems, of which allocating resources at optimal efficiency and productivity is an example.

No-one could deny its fitness for purpose, or propose a better alternative. Computer scientists, logicians, mathematicians et al have proven that no better, more powerful, analytical system exists, or can exist, for problem solving, of which, as said, optimal allocation of resources is one.

The AN is just the free market system, less the people (except the poor old sod who maintains it). So why would anyone object to the AN on optimal productivity and efficiency grounds when there are people still in it, i.e. the free market system? However, all socialists, pols, and the majority of the world's population believe they, through their power and command, can outperform the AN when there are people in it? But in the same breath, they simultaneously acknowledge the AN to be superior to any alternative system when there are not people in it, or when they see the AN's general form concretely explained. Thereby the inherent contradiction of command economics is exposed. Float this for a moment.

Now with the AN in fill swing, how would we let the people, now without need of work, access all the AN's surplus output? Would we ...

(a) Put the socialists, pols, country bumpkins, or any other numpty who thinks they can outperform a neural network, in charge of allocating consumption to the people?


(b) Give the people monetary buying power of an income with no work requirement, so they can go and buy what they need and want from the AN? In other words, use the neural network pattern - the one that everyone agrees is optimal for production - for consumption?

I think the answer it pretty obviously (b).

So, if we would want the free market system as the pattern for consumption when the AN is in full swing, why would we not also want it - see "float this for a moment" above - for the situation today when people are still involved in the AN?

In other words, the Swiss "£20k for everyone" and Cameron and Osborne's "high living wage" are proven as examples of the optimal design for achieving consumption as well as production.

Only the socialists, pols, and country bumpkins deny it, and then only when it suits them! No surprise there, but nice to see their inherent contradiction fully exposed.


If the AN is providing the goods and services needed to maintain life in a population, what will the no longer working and producing citizens do with their time and abilities and unrealized potential?

Are these cosseted people encouraged to procreate or maybe not to bother? Why should they bother to if human abilities are no longer needed beyond maintaining a produce/consume status quo? Some one will need to alter human nature in such a way that prevents the darkest aspect of human nature-man's natural antagonism against his fellow man- to rear its ugly head in fits of unused masculinity. A cared for population will be very passive...almost feminine. Masculinity will not be buried under this. It will rise and have its say.

In theory SoD you are correct, that must be a refreshing feeling for you!!

It does seem to solve a series of problems which social democracy has been struggling with for decades.

My concern is that in practice it would turn into central planning taken to the nth degree and I would be deeply concerned about the unintended consequences.

And of course there isa very serious objection which is that it turns us all into vassals of the state.

As a convinced enthusiast of the EU that probably doesn't concern you but as a recidivist country bumpkin who loathes the EU and the direction of travel of the Western so-called democracies This scheme is appalling.

Duffers old bean have a pleasant sojourn in Shropshire, my home county, a fine place.

"If the AN is providing the goods and services needed to maintain life in a population, what will the no longer working and producing citizens do with their time and abilities and unrealized potential?"

Whiters, the answer is: Hobby-jobs and recreation!

Here's where I would spend a lot of my time ... : -

... either going there and enjoying myself, or running one myself for the enjoyment of others.

I spent a brill day there a while ago, fighting the First Battle of Bull Run. Here was my little army of rebel heroes! : -!55841&authkey=!AHXRjJATqMZHLUU&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

The table was so big it has to have walkways to get up and down: -!55838&authkey=!AGhJZtjNlgmFDEA&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

And here were my heroes going into action ...

Notice the eyeballs painted on each figure! ...!55857&authkey=!AC3qOT5dNQRmeG8&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg!55856&authkey=!AEcCqtTuzS818U0&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

SoD holds the line, Duke of Boot style - hiding behind a dirty great ridge! :-!55848&authkey=!AFTkBfNfFnMoECc&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

Some quotes: -

"How much better is this amiable miniature than the Real Thing!"

“it is remarkable how elastic the measurements of quite honest and honourable men can become.”

“I have never yet met in little battle any gentleman, any captain, major, colonel, general, or eminent commander, who did not get into difficulties and confusions among even the elementary rules of the battle. You have only to play at Little Wars three or four times to realize just what a blundering thing Great War must be.”

“Great War is at present, I am convinced, not only the most expensive game in the universe, but it is a game out of all proportion. Not only are the masses of men and material and suffering and inconvenience too monstrously big for reason, but – the available heads we have for it, are too small.”

- H.G. Wells, Author and founding Father of the wargaming hobby

But each to his or her own.

Take the Gaffer, for example. I acknowledge he'd have no politics and economic hot air to puff and blow, that being a done deal, but he'd still have the whole of history and Shakespearean literature to add a veritable degree or two to global warming!

Or maybe the Angel Gabriel will descend and exclaim: "Right that's it. Game over you lot. The boss wants to press the reset button now you've sussed it out. Btw, what took you so effing long?"


David, I will be in Londinium next Saturday tae see our Queen. Enjoy yer wee trip.

Here ya go SoD. Just for you.

Have a good time David.

You're right about Shropshire, it's beautiful.

So SoD wants to spend all his time playing computer games? I think that tells us much of what we need to know.

Jimmy, when you get there...behave yourself!

"Shropshire is just drop dead gorgeous where-ever you go"

You've not been to Telford, I see.

Whitewall, I promise not tae behave and I speak for my pals who have never behaved unless ordered and will no doubt refuse!


I would've recommended the Flying Scotsman in Kings Cross, not just for the appropriate name, but for the ladies getting their kit off and dancing in the buff for a small contribution from the punters (read comments section from link above from 2015 and earlier).

But seeing's as it's closed down and now reopened as a swanky sort of place, and, of course, the ladies were all foreigners so you wouldn't be interested anyway, that little oasis of pleasure has been denied you ! ...

Enjoy London, and feel free not to leave it in one piece - you won't fare any better than the Luftwaffe whatever you do!


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