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Thursday, 02 June 2016


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Plenty of Spanish words for sucker. Pendejo is one of my favorites.

As we have the Spanish version of Chavism (Podemos) quite well placed for a strong showing in the upcoming repeat of the general elections, there will be plenty of opportunities to use the lot!

Interesting how the transgender issue has become such a touchstone for liberal and "progressive" sensibilities, isn't it? Probably because it represents such a clear case of wanting our reality to be determined by feelings. Those large, deep-voiced young people: they feel female, so that's what they must be, right? It's a funny old world where cocks and balls count for nothing.

"Ms. Dillard Smith being at heart an intelligent woman, as well as a mother, has resigned from the UCLA"?

Thank you, JK, you are now promoted from Chief Archivist to Chief Proof Reader. That means I can blame you when I mis-type!

"three transgender young adults, over six feet [tall] with deep voices"

What would sort it all out is if she had produced a Glock from her handbag and put a bullet thru' their dangly bits.

BOE, damn right!

Whitewall, men go to the toilet and pull out the willie then pish in the urinal give it a shake in admiration thinking it is the biggest willie in the world. Women go to the toilet to gossip. What those others do is a mystery to me.

Jimmy, modesty has always limited me to just a continent.

Completely off topic (natch) but Whitewall - have you heard the one about the Louisiana legislator and the standards for strippers?

Jk, I am glad to see that the USA has retained its sense of humour.

Me too Jimmy. Glad to see *some people* at least have.

Hope you could handle Coon Ass (Cajun) accents alright!

JK, I don't believe that indignant woman who spoke last was a native of La. No coon ass she.


Which continent? I got dibs on Eurasia (the most populous, natch).

Henry, I hear you :)

Likewise, Robert :)

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