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Monday, 20 June 2016


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It appears you have the same problem in bars as I do. Despite being at a fairly advanced age, I still enjoy flirting with the ladies. I was in a bar a couple of weeks ago, was sat at the bar chatting idly to the bartender (it was a very quiet night), when two young ladies came in, ordered their drinks, and sat chatting at the opposite end of the bar. I tried my best flirting techniques which were ignored. Seeing that they had almost finished their drinks, I told the barman to fill them up again and I would pay. He told me I was wasting my time as they were lesbians. I still insisted and so he replenished their drinks. Using their acknowledgement as an excuse, I sauntered over to them and said, "Good evening ladies, and what part of Lesbia do you come from?" The local A & E has very friendly staff.

Penseivat, I trust you heal quickly?

Penseivat sorta kinda pre-empted the little tale I was gonna put on offer somewhat in a similar vein in relations with the lesbians. Mine had to do with a lass (over a decade ago ... friends here, have in mind I have "somebody newish" occasionally follows my tracks)

Anyway it had to do with me taking the lass to a Lebanese restaurant.

So - you'll have to make do with this;

Come on, JK, you can't leave half a tale hanging in the air - what happened in the Lebanese restaurant?


If JK told you what happened in the Lebanese restaurant, he probably would have to shoot you -- not because it's classified but because his girlfriend would shoot him.

I'd like to shoot somebody, in fact I have a list, but I haven't got a gun.
JK promised me one several years ago but it hasn't turned up yet.

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