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Saturday, 02 July 2016


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I am not sure you have worked out yet Duffers that I am a Taff and proud of it. Still some consolation for you down under England did well very well whilst Wales failed ignominiously.

I thought Wales put up a good scrap in NZ but alas with usual result. England were great in Oz and the 6 nations will be fun.

Two key players missing for the semis though. With Ramsey and Davies I'd fancy them to beat the Ports - but I never expected them to get this far, so who knows?

Sorry, you two, but rugby is not a sport. It is merely cage-fighting without the cage!

As a matter of cultural curiosity, I had to look up the term 'Taff' as applied to the Welsh. Must be a hell of a river.

Well, it never stops flowing not least because it never stops raining!

Duffers, even the Welsh refer to that place as Llanfairpg (Llanfair pee gee).

Timbo, don't ask me how the Welsh refer to anything! I recently had occasion to drive into Wales and the road signs and place names were obviously made up by picking letters from a hat just to confuse us Anglos.

Maybe those signs are a form of psychological warfare against outsiders?

And it worked!

The Irish are a very generous people, taking up a collection of vowels for their neighbors in Cymry. I do fear that Antis uncharacteristically missed the joke about the Welsh winning being 'unBritish'.

Duffers I feel I must correct your outrageous statement. Rugby [Union] is the game played in Heaven on alternate days. The other days being occupied by cricket.

Then I thank God, AussieD, that my chances of going to heaven are minimal!

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