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Monday, 04 July 2016


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That photo of Lady Liberty is a fake. The real LL climbed down from her base 8 years ago and is hiding behind it in shame. Much more of this "stuff" over here and she will swim back to France.

JK, as always, the US military's greatest enemy is domestic "progressivism" at home behind their backs. Used to be the idea was to fight and win wars. At home is their greatest threat.

Striking resemblance to the "Colossus of Rhodes".

Then there is this "The New Colossus".

JK, my gob is totally smacked!

Thanks, Uppers, as always you are an education.

Well David, I'uz actually hoping you'd take note of thisun:

Boths timely tho' you'd agree?

Oh my giddy aunt! "SemperFuxit" - gotta love those marines!

Isn't that Liquor, Guns, Bacon and Tits?

(Stolen from Knuckledraggin my life away)

JK, you didn't have a pink Navy uniform, by any chance, did you?
I know you've got the beads!
Jest askin'....

*sigh* David, you need to be aware that sex is a social construct.

You have to remember Otherkin too, those people who are secretly Dragons. Or Unicorns. Or Elves.

Thank you, Miss Mayfly, for informing me that "sex is a social construct". That may well explain why I'm such an unsociable old grump!

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