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Saturday, 16 July 2016


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Yup, gots ta agree, great way to start.

Thanks to you and TBH.

My first thought was these have come from a primary school arts class. But then I am a philistine when it come to art.

Hey Antisthenes, you and me both. I am happy to be a philistine. "I know what I like"...


"Blame 'Big Henry' for jogging me into Klee-mode ..."
As we sometimes say on this side of the pond, "I'll take one for the team." Just this one time, however.

Come on , People, as they say 'over there', just relax, chill out and enjoy the fun of them!

Thanks for this, David. No one does this type of abstract art like Klee.

Sorry folks, not my cup of Klee.

Sorry, Whiters, you are hereby banned, not for your opinion but for the worst joke ever seen on D&N.

I do try.

They're "happy" doodlings.
Nothing wrong with that.

For some reason that last one makes me think of social media.

Indeed, Malcolm, tweeting twitterers, or should that be the other way round?

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